Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I hope you enjoyed Antoine Caldwell on the Dunaway and Brown Show Tuesday.  He is a great rep for not only Alabama Football but the College game in general.  

He and I have something in common, we both believe Andre Smith's draft status WAS NOT CHANGED by what happened this past weekend at the NFL Combines.

There is no doubt in my mind that Andre will still be a Top 15 pick (In fact, I still think Top 10).  I know there was discussion at one time of him being the first guy taken in the draft, but if you were paying attention, pre-combine conversations had turned to two other tackles being taken before him because of his body type etc.

Andre Smith was a big story at the combine, there is no denying that.  Andre has made a couple of major errors since the SEC Championship game.  Andre will also find out, that as the draft gets closer, his talents and potential will garner more interest from NFL Teams than a slip up in protocol at the NFL Combines.

I believe Nick Saban called longtime friend and NFL scout/analyst Chris Landry (Also on our show Tuesday) to get him and Andre together.  Landry has given Andre some solid advice that he will follow.  The March 11th Pro Day in Tuscaloosa will meet NFL teams expectations and Andre Smith will make millions of dollars.  

The NFL Combine will not hurt his draft status, two better prospects at tackles will.

The drama that seemed so big over the weekend was the product of a media gathering in Indianapolis with very little "real news".  Timing is everything, and there are those who pump a story for every drop to fill air time (both local and national on-air talent)

Andre joins recent college stars like Vince Young, Ted Ginn and Brady Quinn as guys not working out at the combine. 

It is now Andre Smith's job to make sure that his career starts better than those three.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Fresh off two secondary violations, Lane Kiffin seems to have done it again. Today (Friday) on Knoxville radio station WNML with host Dave Hooker, the Vols coach made a comment about prospect Bryce Brown. Kiffin was commenting about the momentum in recruiting, when one great recruit picks Tennessee, that opens the door for more and more top prospects to pick UT. Here's the quote that should have the UT compliance office talking with the SEC folks here in Birmingham, Kiffin says, "Great players like Bryce Brown are going to announce"...

This is Recruiting 101, easy stuff, you never mention a recruit. NCAA rules do allow you to say that you are recruiting an athlete, and you can use his name, but the violation comes when you make even a one word comment on his this case the phrase "Great player like Bryce Brown".

There should be no penalty, and Tennessee will be able to keep recruiting Brown (who was scheduled to visit Knoxville today) However, a large number of secondary violations does become a problem if they continue to stack up.

Coach Kiffin continues to stub his toe, and 11 SEC fan bases seem eager to pile on.

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Friday, February 6, 2009


I thought we'd give this a try.  If you are interested, go to

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Here's what I'll do: Interesting stories I see during the day; Breaking Sports News; Instant Read on Coach and Players after interviews; Big Games; or my travel to and from stadiums... I'll update you with one or two lines on twitter.

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Monday, February 2, 2009


Vestavia Center Blake Burgess has picked Auburn.
The 6-4, 260lbs. Burgess committed to Gene Chizik's staff over the weekend. He picks Auburn over Clemson.
Burgess is projected as a defensive lineman in college, but with two years of offensive line experience at the 6A power will give Auburn coaches some options.
Burgess is expected to redshirt the first year while putting on weight. He voted All-State by the Alabama Sports Writers Association and All-Metro Birmingham after the 2008 season.
Blake is the son of syndicated radio personality Rick Burgess of Rick and Bubba, and the grandson of Division Two National Championship, Jacksonville State Coach Bill Burgess who is also an Auburn Alum who played for the Tigers back in 1961-63.