Saturday, January 2, 2010


How about playing the game in Tuscaloosa. Let the teams stay in Birmingham, enjoy Birmingham, but on the day before the game, do a walk-thru at Bryant-Denny and a trip to the Bryant Museum. Then play the game at Bryant-Denny Stadium. No concession problems. Top quality locker rooms, scoreboards, etc.

This bowl is growing and deserves a better facility and Birmingham is a long way from building it.

Move it to Tuscaloosa before we lose the game. It can always come back to Birmingham if the city ever builds that dome- Jim Dunaway

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


THANK YOU for being a loyal listener of Dunaway and Brown. I wanted to give you a heads up on a major change that we will announce on the air today.

We are moving to the 10:00am-2:00pm time slot but we are staying on AM 690.

Ryan and I were told about the move Tuesday.

I know a lot of listeners expected us to move into The Roundtable time slot, but that was never a good move for the company.

Our take on this is simple:

1.We are happy to be able to continue to do a show that we are proud of; The content, the tone, the moral foundation is all something we are committed to keeping.

2.The station will make a few other changes that will surround us with better programming.

3. Like a player on a team, we are employees and have to trust the men and women who make the play calls that they are doing what is best for the team to win.

Ryan and I are excited that we can continue to do a show together. We feel this is just another step to our long term goals and we plan on being together doing The Dunaway and Brown Show for the next 25 years (Jim reaches retirement age after 2034 football season)

Thank you for your support and great sports conversation over the last five years and I hope you will move with us every time it happens over the next quarter century.

God Bless,

Jim Dunaway

Friday, June 26, 2009


Notice the yellow bracelet on Yankees ManagerJoe Girardi's left wrist. It was given to him by Oak Mountain High School student Mark Newton.

I've known Mark for about 6 months. He is battling cancer. He got a clean bill of health about a month ago, but the 11th grader and his family still want to help and encourage other young people who are fighting for their lives.

Mark's a big Yankees fan and went to the last two games in Atlanta. Thursday night, Braves GM Frank Wren brought the Newton's down to meet some of the Braves and Brian McCann spent a lot of time with Mark. The Yankees took the field and Derek Jeter talked with Mark about his sister who had Hodgkins just like Mark. Jeter started taking batting practice, and Girardi stepped down off the viewing step from behind the cage and talked with Mark. Then he let them watch batting practice from the step. After Jeter finished with his cage session, he tossed Mark his bat (awesome) Then Girardi got one of Mark's "Mighty Warriors of Prayer" yellow bracelets (Brown and I and many others are wearing them). The Yankees skipper wore it during the game and will keep it in a box of others he has received. He takes them to every game.

Great story.

As you see, Girardi is wearing it and praying for Mark and other children who are fighting the disease.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


CBS 42 and Dunaway and Brown first reported Tuesday that Parker Guard Eric Bledsoe still has some interest in Memphis despite the departure of John Calipari.

Sources tell us that Bledsoe is scheduled to visit Memphis this Thursday.

Alabama's Anthony Grant, Calipari at Kentucky, UAB and others are still trying to sign the guard from the Birmingham High School. One source says grades may still be a major hurdle but if he qualifies, Bledsoe could play this season.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The New York Times gives us this Tuesday morning: Fox and MSNBC surge in ratings because of their decision to "pound away at the poles" in politics.

Sports coverage is no different.

Listen to talk radio any day, and it's all about the extreme.

Real opinions have been replaced by "extreme" statements and story lines that seem to be huge for four hours (maybe a week) and then fade into nothing, never amounting to anything.

Hey, I'm as a guilty as anyone. I've hosted the Alabama Football Show for 5 of the last 7 years. Surely there is an Alabama fan or ten that likes my radio show or TV sportscast more because I stand next to Coach Saban 14 times a year on his coaches show.

Here's where I try to be different. If I don't really believe it, I don't say it.

Shocking, I know.

There are times we get beat on stories and times we are wrong, but we are never wrong for ratings or phone calls.

Would our jobs be easier if we picked Nick Saban's every comment to pieces? You bet.

Would I need to know things about the other 10 SEC schools if I just bashed Gene Chizik every day to get Auburn fans mad enough to call? (Show prep would be easier)

As a conservative southerner, it's hard for me to really believe CNN is playing it down the middle, but I admire the attempt.

I admire strong, controversial opinions, but only if they are real feelings and not some fabricated attempt to try and get you to call the show.

My fear is this, you want to be played.

You want the host to say bad things about your team one day and your rival the next because it somehow makes life more exciting for you.

Much like the millions of WWE fans over the years who bought tickets to see Wrestle-Mania, even though they knew it was scripted. You tune in knowing it's all an orchestrated series of calls, comments, and make believe.

Don't feel shame. I used to cheer for the Washington Generals.

Just remember us when someone pulls the mask off Tommy Gallion, or stops hitting Andre Smith over the head with a metal folding chair. Don't forget to check in with us during commercial breaks between Tommy Tuberville taking the Texas A&M job and Nick Saban's handlers censoring questions he is asked by the media like he's coaching football in Bryant-Stalin Stadium outside the Kremlin.

Just remember those of us not screaming about Global Warming or Tea Parties.

We'll be here. Everyday, 2-to-6pm, in our own little world.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Reports from Auburn Tuesday night were that Mike McNeil has surgery Tuesday. Doctors put a pin in his leg to help the healing process after Mike suffered what we are told was a complete break of his shin (tibia), about six inches above his ankle. A family friend in Mobile said some of his Auburn teammates visited him at the hospital and that he expects to be in a protective boot for almost 2 months. He does expect to be ready for the start of camp in August.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


KaraKennedyWhy did I have to say anything about my bracket? I jinxed it. Look at what happened to FSU. Or did their President jinx them?

lazludThe losses by West Virginia and Stephen F Austin killed my 6-year-old daughter's bracket

jarspikeGlad I chose Siena, so much for the "amazing" ACC teams and how good they are

rlfordWhy is CBS referring to the BCS during the NCAA basketball tourney?

(*Dunaway Note: I totally agree, BCS is strictly a football reference)

palladinotNot a bad night for my bracket. Siena, Cleve St, Mich St win, FSU loses. Final Four still alive. #madness

msudawgdang. i knew I should have taken cleveland state and wisconsin.

vulcansmuse#NCAA bracket count: 23/32 no thanks to Wake, OSU, WVU, BC, Tennessee, VCU, FSU, Clemson, & Miss State. FSU/VCU/BC ruined my Sweet 16.

WolfeReportsMy bracket is teh suxxors. Many thanks, Wake. Demon Deacons? More like Demon Douchebags. Argh.

(*Dunaway Note: Preach it brother, I had them in Final 4)

btaylor1978lost a Final Four team in the first round, but that's OK! Go CSU!

iRDR"Frontdesk (of hotel)"..."Um, yeah, this Wake Forest and we're gonna need an EARLY checkout" LOL, Wow

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