Saturday, March 21, 2009


KaraKennedyWhy did I have to say anything about my bracket? I jinxed it. Look at what happened to FSU. Or did their President jinx them?

lazludThe losses by West Virginia and Stephen F Austin killed my 6-year-old daughter's bracket

jarspikeGlad I chose Siena, so much for the "amazing" ACC teams and how good they are

rlfordWhy is CBS referring to the BCS during the NCAA basketball tourney?

(*Dunaway Note: I totally agree, BCS is strictly a football reference)

palladinotNot a bad night for my bracket. Siena, Cleve St, Mich St win, FSU loses. Final Four still alive. #madness

msudawgdang. i knew I should have taken cleveland state and wisconsin.

vulcansmuse#NCAA bracket count: 23/32 no thanks to Wake, OSU, WVU, BC, Tennessee, VCU, FSU, Clemson, & Miss State. FSU/VCU/BC ruined my Sweet 16.

WolfeReportsMy bracket is teh suxxors. Many thanks, Wake. Demon Deacons? More like Demon Douchebags. Argh.

(*Dunaway Note: Preach it brother, I had them in Final 4)

btaylor1978lost a Final Four team in the first round, but that's OK! Go CSU!

iRDR"Frontdesk (of hotel)"..."Um, yeah, this Wake Forest and we're gonna need an EARLY checkout" LOL, Wow

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