Monday, January 26, 2009


Here are a list of the BIG BOARD ITEMS at the Dunaway Super Bowl Party this year... all party goers must put a token on each prop bet... all in fun

  1. Last Song Springsteen sings at halftime
  2. What color will liquid be poured on winning coach
  3. Length of National Anthem
  4. Larry Fitz receiving yards
  5. How many times NBC shows Bill Bidwell (Cards Owner)
  6. How many times NBC shows Kurt Warner's wife
  7. Promos for NBC Prime Time Shows
  8. How many passing yards for Big Ben
  9. Who will be game MVP
  10. How many times announcers talk about any Manning
  11. The yards rushing difference between James and Parker
  12. Sponsor of 1st commercial after game kicks off
  13. How long will the first touchdown be
  14. The longest field goal yardage
  15. First coaches challenge by who and over turned or not
  16. Number of blimp shots
  17. Number of Roger Goodell shots 
  18. Cutaways of troops watching around the world
  19. Number of sacks in the game
  20. Winner and combine point total of the two teams
All bets are from the moment the game kicks off and ends once the clock hits zero unless it is a special category like national anthem, liquid color etc.

Price is right rules... closest without going over

ties move to the next category (for example if you tie on #16, it carries over to #17) If there is a tie on #20, it rotates back to the top of the board with #1 and moves forward from there

Have a good time

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Like most of you, I have spent this Tuesday watching the amazing scene in Washington with new President Barack Obama entering the White House and President Bush there to welcome him.

Amazing. Chills. Tears. More Chills.

I pray that President Obama becomes the greatest President in the history of this great country.  I pray that the person who follows him takes us to even greater heights; and the president after that and after that and so on...

As the Bible reads, I pray that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.  1 Timothy 2: 1-4

We Are One.  We are the United States of America.

God Bless.

Monday, January 19, 2009


You love to hate him but Pelham Gator is a good dude. He stopped by the Dunaway and Brown Studios Monday and showed off his new Gator Tatoo in honor of the 2008 National Title

Friday, January 16, 2009


Congrats to former Auburn assistant Eddie Gran. He is enroute to Knoxville to join the Tennessee coaching staff. Gran joins Lance Thompson, Ed Orgeron, Monte and Lane Kiffin on a coaching staff that looks really good on paper. Gran is a good man and a solid coach who has tutored an all-pro list of NFL runningbacks at Ole Miss and Auburn.

My question today is this (and it was posed last night in a telephone conversation I had with a member of the Knoxville media);

Does Lane Kiffin plan on making any minority hires?

I know my friend Charles Barkley has his hands full right now, and I assume former Tennessee players haven't noticed, but this UT staff is not meeting many BCA guidelines.

ESPN analyst Chris Low reports that Tennessee will make a run at Frank Wilson. If that is successful, that would be another solid recruiting hire with a man who has ties to Coach Orgeron from Ole Miss. Wilson would also be Kiffin's first minority hire. Stan Drayton remains on the staff as a hold over from Phil Fulmer's staff.

I'm sure Kiffin is like a lot of us. I'm sure he doesn't see the world in black and white, but as we have learned during the Chizik hire at Auburn, the road to a media firestorm can be paved with good intentions. That's my free tip to the new coach in the league.

Tennessee will do the right thing I'm sure, but space is limited, they better hurry.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Thanks to a dominating Florida Gators defense, the Gators have planted the Southeastern Conference Flag atop College Football again.

Truth is though, when the SEC is truly at its best... the SEC Champ doesn't win the national title because the teams beat each other up.  

So, this is more about Florida than it is about the SEC.  Long ago the Gators became the athletic department that everyone else in the Southeastern Conference is chasing.  2 Football National Championships in 3 years, but also the great basketball, baseball and women's sports success they have enjoyed makes the Gator Nation the cream of the crop in the best conference in America.

Last night was a shining moment for the SEC.  This is only the third time in modern football that the same conference has won the national title in three straight years.  The last time was 1978-80 with Bear Bryant's Alabama teams in '78, '79 and Vince Dooley's Georgia team in 1980.

Now Urban Meyer stands with the giants.  Most of us didn't think we would say that when he entered the league four years ago.  Today though, he's #1 and the program he built is unbeaten and ranked #2. (Utah)

My radio partner Brownie hit the nail on the head earlier this week when he said Meyer's legacy is written as great already, but he will not become legendary until he wins big with Tim Tebow.  Fair or unfair coaches can benefit from great players (Phil Jackson with MJ and Kobe; Mike Shanahan with John Elway etc.)  However, Urban Meyer is in the one room and if two or three years from now, he holds up another crystal football... he'll sit at the table with the greatest of all-time.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Steve Spurrier did it in the '90s and Urban Meyer is going to have one more year of Florida domination next season. Think about it, with Matt Stafford leaving Georgia today, who is going to have a better QB situation than Florida next year. Tim Tebow will comeback and the gulf between the best QB and the 2nd best QB in the SEC will be huge. Here's how I grade them;


Florida- (A+) Tebow

Georgia- (Incomplete) Likely a true freshman or Joe Cox

Tennessee- (B-) Crompton in a new system

South Carolina- (C+) Garcia, Smelley and the Spurrier's kitchen sink

Kentucky- (C-) Hartline and company less than dynamic

Vanderbilt- (C+) Adams and company


Alabama- (Incomplete) Greg Mac or Star Jackson or maybe AJ McCarron

Auburn- (C+) Burns and company can grow with Gus Malzahn

LSU- (B-) Jefferson looked really good in bowl, can he keep it going

Arkansas- (B) Mallett transfers from Michigan and finally starts

Ole Miss- (B+) Snead could be this 2009's John Parker Wilson

Miss State- (C) Lee has raw talent but can Mullen bring it together

And as always, there will be all the unknowns to add in between now and September 3rd... but it's easy to see that Tim Tebow holds the keys to the Georgia Dome when he returns.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Death and taxes just got a neighbor. This world has things you can set your clock by and Alabama fans have provided a third. Bashing a Tide Player after a loss.

Our favorite punching bag is back. Hello John Parker Wilson, where have you been all season.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but how did JPW play any worse than any other guy in crimson. JPW didn't wear jersey #24 and make 9 tackles because Utah saw that they could throw it at #24 all night long forcing him to make tackles to save touchdowns. JPW didn't wear jersey #88 and jump off sides a few times. He wasn't billed as "Mount Anything" before the game only to be equalized by the Utes speed. JPW didn't play ole' with the Utah blitz allowing 8 sacks and mardi gras size of rushed throws. He didn't get suspended. John Parker Wilson had a bad Sugar Bowl game. So did Nick Saban. Add Jim McElwain. Soon to be Clemson Coach Kevin Steele, check.

Let's face it, there were a few sour notes in the Million Dollar Band and I thought Big Al mailed it in.

It's time to man up Bama nation. Butts were kicked. Utah was hungry. Utah was aggressive. Utah was dang near perfect right out of the locker room. Remember the question we asked all week... What's a Ute? Apparently it's a small animal that eats elephants.

Blaming John Parker Wilson is easy. It makes you feel better. It helps us keep the dream alive that Nick Saban has no kryptonite.

My football IQ tells me that Alabama would have been in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl without John Parker Wilson.

Remember the way he managed that high pressure opener with all those true freshman? Remember the blackout in Georgia where JPW slung the pigskin all over that Sweet Georgia Night? Remember the overtime pass in the "scalp Nick Saban" atmosphere in Baton Rouge? Remember how he never missed a start despite being hit on more frequently than Erin Andrews during the Rose Bowl pregame warm ups.

Let's move forward as a fan base. Give credit to Utah. Respect what the season brought Alabama. A BCS Bowl bid, a trip to the SEC Championship Game. Rivalry wins over Tennessee, LSU and Auburn and a National Number One ranking for the first time during the regular season since 1980.

Without John Parker Wilson, most of that would not have happened in 2008.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


When Utah Coach Kyle Whittingham joined us on The Dunaway and Brown Show, I told him The Mountain West Conference deserved an automatic bid to the BCS Bowls each year. I've changed my mind.

I now think nobody should get automatic bids. The top BCS ranked teams should be in the big bowls every year. Utah no doubt belongs. I will even say that the Utes should get real consideration for a Split National Championship this year.

The last time Utah went unbeaten and won the BCS Bowl, they had to play a very average Pitt team. Pitt didn't belong in the game and Utah got very few prestige points for the win. Dominating Alabama will do a lot for Utah and should also help TCU, BYU, Boise State, Fresno State and other teams like them.

What I've learned is that on any given night, these teams can not only win, but they can dominate. No excuses. Andre Smith or not, the Sugar Bowl would have been a fight for Alabama and one they would have most likely lost even with the All-American tackle.

I still think that a weekly run through a conference like the SEC can take it's toll on a team over a 13 week grind, but I'm ready to start respecting the opponent a little more. Let's start putting the highest ranked BCS teams in the BCS Bowls and include Utah, Boise and whoever wins their way into the top spots. If that means sending a Big East Conference Champ to the Gator Bowl, so be it. Speaking of the Big East, which football conference seems more impressive lately.

I'll take the Mountain West.

Friday, January 2, 2009


First let me make a point... I am not a guy that likes giving trophies to every little league player. That being said, I believe this college football season deserves a SPLIT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP regardless of what happens in the BCS Championship Game.

USC dominated another 1 loss team Penn State in the Rose Bowl. Nobody with a moderate college football IQ could say USC would not have a 50/50 shot at beating Florida or Oklahoma if given a chance.

Texas did beat Oklahoma. If Texas handles Ohio State with ease (like USC did earlier this year) I would put them in the mix. If the Longhorns live up to their end of the bargain, here's how I would like to see the final polls.

Florida over Oklahoma = Gators BCS Champs and USC AP Champs

Oklahoma over Florida = Sooners BCS Champs and Longhorns AP Champs

FINAL SHOTS: Congrats to Terry Bowden. I hope he finds what he wants at North Alabama. My fear is he will not. Division Two football is far away from the spotlight and Terry has seen the greatest highs on the biggest stage both as a coach and as a broadcaster.

How good did Vandy, LSU and Georgia make the SEC look? 6-6 Vandy beat an ACC division Champion. LSU made Georgia Tech look silly (just like I said they would). Georgia played up to potential.

Ole Miss will be an interesting case study today in the Cotton Bowl. Texas Tech is a Big 12 big boy this year. If Rebs win, I think the Gators will handle the Sooners by double digits.

SUGAR BOWL PICK: Alabama 23 Utah 21