Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Steve Spurrier did it in the '90s and Urban Meyer is going to have one more year of Florida domination next season. Think about it, with Matt Stafford leaving Georgia today, who is going to have a better QB situation than Florida next year. Tim Tebow will comeback and the gulf between the best QB and the 2nd best QB in the SEC will be huge. Here's how I grade them;


Florida- (A+) Tebow

Georgia- (Incomplete) Likely a true freshman or Joe Cox

Tennessee- (B-) Crompton in a new system

South Carolina- (C+) Garcia, Smelley and the Spurrier's kitchen sink

Kentucky- (C-) Hartline and company less than dynamic

Vanderbilt- (C+) Adams and company


Alabama- (Incomplete) Greg Mac or Star Jackson or maybe AJ McCarron

Auburn- (C+) Burns and company can grow with Gus Malzahn

LSU- (B-) Jefferson looked really good in bowl, can he keep it going

Arkansas- (B) Mallett transfers from Michigan and finally starts

Ole Miss- (B+) Snead could be this 2009's John Parker Wilson

Miss State- (C) Lee has raw talent but can Mullen bring it together

And as always, there will be all the unknowns to add in between now and September 3rd... but it's easy to see that Tim Tebow holds the keys to the Georgia Dome when he returns.

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