Friday, January 9, 2009


Thanks to a dominating Florida Gators defense, the Gators have planted the Southeastern Conference Flag atop College Football again.

Truth is though, when the SEC is truly at its best... the SEC Champ doesn't win the national title because the teams beat each other up.  

So, this is more about Florida than it is about the SEC.  Long ago the Gators became the athletic department that everyone else in the Southeastern Conference is chasing.  2 Football National Championships in 3 years, but also the great basketball, baseball and women's sports success they have enjoyed makes the Gator Nation the cream of the crop in the best conference in America.

Last night was a shining moment for the SEC.  This is only the third time in modern football that the same conference has won the national title in three straight years.  The last time was 1978-80 with Bear Bryant's Alabama teams in '78, '79 and Vince Dooley's Georgia team in 1980.

Now Urban Meyer stands with the giants.  Most of us didn't think we would say that when he entered the league four years ago.  Today though, he's #1 and the program he built is unbeaten and ranked #2. (Utah)

My radio partner Brownie hit the nail on the head earlier this week when he said Meyer's legacy is written as great already, but he will not become legendary until he wins big with Tim Tebow.  Fair or unfair coaches can benefit from great players (Phil Jackson with MJ and Kobe; Mike Shanahan with John Elway etc.)  However, Urban Meyer is in the one room and if two or three years from now, he holds up another crystal football... he'll sit at the table with the greatest of all-time.

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Moon Cricket said...

USC won the National Title in 1978, they beat Alabama on September 23rd at Legion Field