Friday, January 16, 2009


Congrats to former Auburn assistant Eddie Gran. He is enroute to Knoxville to join the Tennessee coaching staff. Gran joins Lance Thompson, Ed Orgeron, Monte and Lane Kiffin on a coaching staff that looks really good on paper. Gran is a good man and a solid coach who has tutored an all-pro list of NFL runningbacks at Ole Miss and Auburn.

My question today is this (and it was posed last night in a telephone conversation I had with a member of the Knoxville media);

Does Lane Kiffin plan on making any minority hires?

I know my friend Charles Barkley has his hands full right now, and I assume former Tennessee players haven't noticed, but this UT staff is not meeting many BCA guidelines.

ESPN analyst Chris Low reports that Tennessee will make a run at Frank Wilson. If that is successful, that would be another solid recruiting hire with a man who has ties to Coach Orgeron from Ole Miss. Wilson would also be Kiffin's first minority hire. Stan Drayton remains on the staff as a hold over from Phil Fulmer's staff.

I'm sure Kiffin is like a lot of us. I'm sure he doesn't see the world in black and white, but as we have learned during the Chizik hire at Auburn, the road to a media firestorm can be paved with good intentions. That's my free tip to the new coach in the league.

Tennessee will do the right thing I'm sure, but space is limited, they better hurry.

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tngal said...

Word out of Knoxville is that both Frank Wilson and Willie Garza are expected to be hired to the Vols staff.

expected to hire Garza and Wilson to complete staff