Friday, January 2, 2009


First let me make a point... I am not a guy that likes giving trophies to every little league player. That being said, I believe this college football season deserves a SPLIT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP regardless of what happens in the BCS Championship Game.

USC dominated another 1 loss team Penn State in the Rose Bowl. Nobody with a moderate college football IQ could say USC would not have a 50/50 shot at beating Florida or Oklahoma if given a chance.

Texas did beat Oklahoma. If Texas handles Ohio State with ease (like USC did earlier this year) I would put them in the mix. If the Longhorns live up to their end of the bargain, here's how I would like to see the final polls.

Florida over Oklahoma = Gators BCS Champs and USC AP Champs

Oklahoma over Florida = Sooners BCS Champs and Longhorns AP Champs

FINAL SHOTS: Congrats to Terry Bowden. I hope he finds what he wants at North Alabama. My fear is he will not. Division Two football is far away from the spotlight and Terry has seen the greatest highs on the biggest stage both as a coach and as a broadcaster.

How good did Vandy, LSU and Georgia make the SEC look? 6-6 Vandy beat an ACC division Champion. LSU made Georgia Tech look silly (just like I said they would). Georgia played up to potential.

Ole Miss will be an interesting case study today in the Cotton Bowl. Texas Tech is a Big 12 big boy this year. If Rebs win, I think the Gators will handle the Sooners by double digits.

SUGAR BOWL PICK: Alabama 23 Utah 21

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