Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Mike Shanahan was fired Tuesday in Denver. Do you remember where Shanahan sewed his oates as an offensive wizard? Gainesville... as in The University of Florida. Before he was one of the best offensive minds in the NFL, he was Mike Shanahan Gators Offensive Coordinator from 1980-83.

I'm not saying Auburn did anything wrong by hiring Gene Chizik when they did, but could you imagine the possibilities? A search that lasted until the end of the NFL season would have opened the door for at least a conversation with Shanahan.

Same deal with Tennessee.

Just like Bill Cowher, I doubt Mike Shanahan wants to recruit or shake hands and play golf tournaments with boosters. He'll end up in New York or Cleveland or maybe just switch jobs with Gary Kubiak with the Texans (Shanahan is great friends with the Bush Family in Texas). It would have been fun though to have a 56 year old Mike Shanahan back in the SEC though. Can you imagine the rivalry if he was at Auburn or Tennessee with Nick Saban on the Alabama sideline? That would have been fun.


-My friend Charles Barkley arrested on suspicion of DUI. I always wonder why men who make as much money as Charles just don't have a driver.

-I have a bad feeling about the SEC Bowl record. Games start today. Vandy and LSU are underdogs. Andre Smith is out vs. Utah. Could the SEC go 0-8? It would not be the biggest shock of the year.

-Make sure you vote in all the poll questions at today. My picks: Biggest sports story in the state this year... Alabama #1 for 5 weeks; SEC Bowl Record...4 wins; Biggest upset... Ole Miss over Florida in the swamp; Best NFL Game this weekend... Colts at Chargers.

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