Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Mike Shanahan was fired Tuesday in Denver. Do you remember where Shanahan sewed his oates as an offensive wizard? Gainesville... as in The University of Florida. Before he was one of the best offensive minds in the NFL, he was Mike Shanahan Gators Offensive Coordinator from 1980-83.

I'm not saying Auburn did anything wrong by hiring Gene Chizik when they did, but could you imagine the possibilities? A search that lasted until the end of the NFL season would have opened the door for at least a conversation with Shanahan.

Same deal with Tennessee.

Just like Bill Cowher, I doubt Mike Shanahan wants to recruit or shake hands and play golf tournaments with boosters. He'll end up in New York or Cleveland or maybe just switch jobs with Gary Kubiak with the Texans (Shanahan is great friends with the Bush Family in Texas). It would have been fun though to have a 56 year old Mike Shanahan back in the SEC though. Can you imagine the rivalry if he was at Auburn or Tennessee with Nick Saban on the Alabama sideline? That would have been fun.


-My friend Charles Barkley arrested on suspicion of DUI. I always wonder why men who make as much money as Charles just don't have a driver.

-I have a bad feeling about the SEC Bowl record. Games start today. Vandy and LSU are underdogs. Andre Smith is out vs. Utah. Could the SEC go 0-8? It would not be the biggest shock of the year.

-Make sure you vote in all the poll questions at today. My picks: Biggest sports story in the state this year... Alabama #1 for 5 weeks; SEC Bowl Record...4 wins; Biggest upset... Ole Miss over Florida in the swamp; Best NFL Game this weekend... Colts at Chargers.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Something is missing in the Andre Smith story. I've done this a long time. Few players I've encountered have had the genuine kindness and character of Smitty. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop on this story. Either a family member made a really dumb mistake or Alabama is having to play this thing extra conservative because of past crimes. I do not think Andre Smith would jeopardize his legacy for a few early dollars... but I do know my family tree has a few nuts in it and I bet his does too. Here's the rub, when you pull up a weed... the roots come from everywhere and go back a long way. We'll see soon where these roots take us.
ALSO: Patrick Nix was fired Monday at Miami. The college football world will see Nix as a bust as an offensive coordinator at Georgia Tech and Miami. The numbers don't lie. What numbers don't show is the circumstances that surround programs and offensive units. Quarterback issues were inherited and never solved on either campus. I think Nix is a good football coach and Auburn would be smart to have him as a position coach on this staff. After all, he now has two stops in big time college football where he has gained great experience at trying to score points with shaky QB play.
FINAL SHOT: Sen'Derrick Marks is leaving Auburn for the NFL. I expect Antonio Coleman to join him off that Auburn defense on January 3rd in a news conference at Williamson High School in Mobile. I also think Glenn Coffee will take a long hard look at leaving as well.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Statement from Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

Andre Smith has been suspended from participating in the Sugar Bowl due to a violation of team rules and policies. The University of Alabama, the team and the football program are more important than any individual player. Everyone on our team depends on each other to be responsible, to make good choices and decisions relative to their actions.

Andre Smith has done an outstanding job in our program as a person, student and a player and we will do all we can as an institution to support him in all future endeavors.

Our priority and focus as a team is to play the best football game of the season in this Sugar Bowl, and to support our players to overcome any adversity this unfortunate situation has created

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas from the entire Dunaway and Brown family. We pray that God blesses your family not only during this holiday season, but that you let God lead your path in 2009.

Our poll question Tuesday on asked what was the greatest Christmas song of all-time? My favorite was not an option.

Nothing gives me the feelings and emotions of Christmas like Go Tell It On The Mountain.

What better message:

While shepards kept their watch o'er silent flocks by night, beyond, throughout the heavens There shone a holy light.

Go, tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. Go, tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born.

The best part for me, the song is just as meaningful on July 25th as December 25th.

Embrace the message and then let's all Go deliver the message on the mountain and everywhere in 2009. That's our goal in the New Year.

God Bless You and Merry Christmas,

Jim Dunaway
Dunaway and Brown Co-Host

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Last Time Alabama was #1

Picture 1: Brownie with Sara Palin in studio Friday
Picture 2: Dunaway's son wanting to be Tyler Watts
Picture 3: New Orleans Newspaper the last time Alabama was ranked #1

Monday, October 13, 2008


This 2008 Auburn football season has been one big dud. Over-hyped, under delivering Auburn did give us the 2003 Iron Bowl moment of Cadillac Williams taking the first play from scrimmage 80 yards to Rod Bramblett’s screaming punctuation of Go Crazy Cadillac, Go Crazy. What will 2008 leave us?

Exit polls from another SEC loss at Jordan-Hare Stadium seem to indicate 2008 will give us a new football coach on the plains. You should always think before you “go crazy”.

Six Straight Iron Bowl losses and four coaches ago, Alabama forced Gene Stallings into an early exit and made one horrible hire after another before Nick Saban wanted to leave the Miami Vice of the NFL for the teacher friendly college ranks. Remember that series of misfires?

With all do respect to Jimmy Stewart, let me show you Auburn’s Not So Wonderful Life if you decide to make Tommy Tuberville disappear.

Push Gene Stallings out… 1 National title, 1 SEC title but a lot of wins (Sound familiar Tuberville fans?)

Hire great defensive coach with no head coaching experience (Mike DuBose meet Will Muschamp)

Hire quirky outsider with moderate success on a much smaller stage (Dennis Franchione meet Boise State Cris Peterson or Wake Forest Jim Grobe)

Bring back a golden quarterback to stir up some good memories (Mike Shula meet Patrick Nix)

Throw in a drunken Mike Price episode (has anyone seen my pants, wallet and car keys) and you’ve got the stage set for one wild ride.

I can already see the 2014 halftime ceremony when you are honoring Tommy Tuberville and the 2004 unbeaten team and wondering why we ever got rid of that guy who beat our rivals 6 times in a row. The timing will be perfect. The revolving door in the football complex will have you looking at 6 straight losses.

I know 3 SEC losses and an offense that goes backwards just as much as it goes forward, makes you want to curse Doug Barfield. But if you decide to Go Crazy Auburn…make sure Jay Jacobs and the Jetson’s know what they are doing and are not just high on jet fumes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I found this today from Stewart Mandel on

It seems with the BCS, you learn something new every year -- and it just so happens that this past weekend in L.A., I found out about a complex, secret formula the BCS uses to determine this very thing. The most recent evaluation was based on a four-year period (2004-07) and consisted of the following three components:
• Average BCS ranking of each conference's highest ranked team.
• Average BCS ranking of each team in the conference.
• Number of teams from each conference in the BCS top 25.
I'm not privy to the actual data, but if the Mountain West or any other league had finished ahead of the Big East (the most obvious suspect for demotion), it would have gained an automatic berth for this season and next (the last two of the current cycle). Obviously, that didn't happen, and based on the data we do have, you can see why. Over the past four years, the Big East champion's average ranking was 11.75, while the Mountain West's was 14.25. The Big East placed 10 teams in the Top 25, the Mountain West four.
That doesn't mean this couldn't change in the future. The way things are shaping up this season, it's conceivable the Mountain West could finish with two or three Top 25 teams to the Big East's one, and it's possible a BYU or Utah will finish higher than any Big East team. But again, the league would need to demonstrate this over a longer period of time. According to the BCS' media guide, "It is anticipated that before the spring of 2009, the conferences will devise standards for automatic conference qualifications for after the 2010 regular season." I take this to mean they will run another four-year evaluation at some point and, if anything changes, it will go into effect when the new contract begins in two years.

I thought that was interesting- Dunaway Out

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Saturday brings those of us in the Alabama family really sad news. John Mark Stallings (pictured center with Hootie Ingram to his right and his father Gene Stallings to his left) passed away early today.
John Mark was a living symbol of parental love. He was also more than that. He was a living breathing miracle. Even before his birth, the odds were against him medically and socially. God had a different plan.
My faith is based on God placing us in situations and never giving us more than He knows we can handle. God placed John Mark in the Stallings home and for 46 years... Ruth Ann and Gene loved on him and made everyday one full of glory.
I was a young, single sports reporter when I first met Gene Stallings and his son. I learned lessons watching their relationship that I still use with my 7 and 3 year old 15 years later. If God called my kids to heaven tomorrow, I hope all of you would instantly think about how much I love Harper and Carter.
Today, when I heard the news, my first thought was what a great father, son relationship. There is a biblical lesson in Gene's and John Mark's relationship. To the world, John Mark had many shortcomings... but to his parents John Mark was pure and whole. We are just like John Mark in our Christian faith. In this world, we have many shortcomings, but in God's eyes we are pure and whole.
When you watch a football game this fall... I hope you enjoy your teams touchdowns as much as John Mark enjoyed an Alabama touchdown. I hope you enjoy your teams victories the way John Mark enjoyed an Alabama win. I hope you have someone in your life that loves you as much and John Mark's family loved him.
Here is the official release from The University of Alabama:

Tuscaloosa, Ala. – John Mark Stallings, son of former University of Alabama head football coach Gene Stallings, died early Saturday morning. John Mark, who was born with Down syndrome and suffered from health problems related to a congenital heart defect, was 46.

"I've known John Mark Stallings his entire life," said Mal Moore, Director of Athletics at the University of Alabama. "I want to extend my deepest sympathy to Coach Stallings, Ruth Ann and the entire Stallings family. For someone who never played or coached a game, I think John Mark may have touched more Alabama fans than any other person ever did. I would like to thank the Stallings family for sharing their love for John Mark with all of us."

John Mark's story, detailed by his father in the book, "Another Season", served as an inspiration to millions. The University of Alabama football equipment room was formally dedicated as the "John Mark Stallings Equipment Room" on December 8, 2005. John Mark's courage and attitude had a positive impact on all who knew him. He also deeply affected Coach Stallings' perception of football, and the coach's approach on the field.

"I had a whole lot less tolerance for the gifted and a whole lot more tolerance for the guy that wasn't quite as gifted," Gene Stallings told a reporter in January of 2008. "With Johnny, I saw him struggle to walk, struggle to kick a ball, struggle to do everything that he did. So, I had a little tolerance for the guys that had to struggle. If you had talent and didn't lay it on the line, I didn't have much tolerance for you. The less talented guy can't play on Saturdays. But he can get you ready to play on Saturdays. I wanted the guys who played on Saturday to have an appreciation for that guy who got them there."

Funeral arrangements for John Mark Stallings are pending.

Friday, July 25, 2008



We are staying at AM-690.

There were 3 factors at work here and I want to thank those involved for this wonderful development.

  • IT WAS A GOD THING: I want to Thank God for his blessings. Many of you have been praying about our move and our show. I know, because many of you have taken the time to write and let me know about your prayers. Our prayers were not to go to one station or another or to stay at AM-690... they were simple... "God, we put this in Your Hands and we want to land behind the microphone of your choosing". I found great comfort in this prayer. I was nervous about the unknown, but God kept sending one messenger after another, giving Brown and I signs that He was on the job and that he had many options. So Thanks be to God.

  • THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE A VOICE: I also know that not only were many of you praying for us, but you were writing us and the managers here at Citadel Broadcasting. I'd love to thank every one of you personally (maybe we can do that as a slow show in June next year), but there were so many e-mails and phone calls to really do you justice. Just know that your voice was heard. THANK YOU every D&B Listener who said they were moving with us! THANK YOU every D&B Listener who called or sent an e-mail that said they were upset or sad that they would not get the show anymore in their area. AND THANK YOU SPONSORS! All of you expressed a true love of our show and that is so refreshing. Brown and I believe in your way of doing business, and we are blessed that you believe in us. We look forward to growing together.

  • THANKS TO OUR BOSS: I have friends that work at every TV station and Radio Group in Birmingham. This city is blessed with so many good people who not only want to make a profit (who doesn't) but also desire to do the best job possible for the people of Alabama. My boss (Gigi) is no different. A few weeks ago, she had an exciting development on WAPI-AM 1070 and wanted to include us in it. We were excited. Now, another exciting twist has happened with WSPZ AM-690 and the first people she thought of was us. Again, we are excited. We trust her and are pumped to not have to leave our original home on AM-690.

That's it! Everything I know and think I know. Monday we will start our new time slot 2:00-6:00pm on our old home WSPZ AM-690.

It is the best place for The Dunaway and Brown Show at this time in our lives and we'll see if we can make it to the BCS National Championship Game without anymore BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Let's enjoy another great football season together.

God Bless,

Monday, July 21, 2008


News reports are right, we are switching stations. Starting Monday July 28th, we will be on WAPI-AM 1070. (I love the picture... it was our first promo shoot together and the photographer had us posed like we were going to guard the gates to the castle) Here are some questions you may be asking... keep in mind... we do not have all the answers.
  • So Why the Move? We work for a station group called Citadel Broadcasting. They have big plans for WJOX-FM. We are not part of those plans. With that said, they wanted to give us a different set of teammates where they felt we could continue to grow. Brown and I are committed to keeping the show in it's original playbook. The only place to do that at this time is WAPI-AM 1070. We like the name recognition of WAPI (it was hard for me to even remember WSPZ) and we agree with our bosses that this is a better home for us at this time.
  • Is the DandB Show in trouble? No. The reason we are being moved is the strong ratings we have enjoyed in our first 18 months as an afternoon drive-time show. The ratings are not as great as we would like... but they have been growing since we started 18 months ago. We have a lot of committed sponsors who not only make our show profitable, but believe in what we are trying to do long term.
  • Will I still be able to hear you? Good question. The AM-1070 signal is 50,000 watts just like the AM-690 signal. We cannot guarantee that your radio receives 1070 identical to what you hear currently on 690. Some of you may receive it better on 1070, unfortunately, some of you may not. We will learn as we go on this one. The one upside is a little stronger signal after sunset on AM-1070, something many of you had issues with last December.
  • Why are you not on the FM? Another good question. We have had a chance on three occasions to join the FM staff, but did not feel like it was the right fit for us in the time slots that were available. Was that a good move on our part? Who knows? We pray a lot, and try to follow the path we think God wants us to be on. We still believe we are on that path.
  • Will you guys be doing News? No. The Dunaway and Brown Show will not change. Blake is still with us and hopefully all of the great callers who have made this show so much fun over the last 3 years (18 months in the afternoon) will be with us as well. We will do news updates at the top and bottom of every hour (Blake will not do those, someone who can actually pronounce the political leaders from around the world will handle that). If there is breaking news, we will of course include that in the show (Elections, Hurricanes, Severe Weather, War ending, etc.) This is actually a format that works very well in a lot of larger markets (New Orleans, Cincinnati etc)
  • Will your phone number for callers change? YES, YES, YES. The new number is 944-1070. Please mark that down and put it in your quick dial. Remember, that number isn't ours until July 28th.
  • What about Hannity from 2-4pm on AM-1070? We are big fans of Hannity as well. He will be on right after us starting at 6pm. We will now get his entire show and we will finally get to listen to him again on our drive home.
  • Will this disrupt Jim's return to television? I don't think so. CBS 42 was aware of the changes when they hired me and they seem to be happy with the sports product so far. We will continue to broadcast from the D&B Studio's every afternoon at 5pm and then do the 10pm sportscast from the CBS 42 studio.
  • Bottom line it for us Jim... are you guys happy? Yes and No. Yes we are happy that we can continue to do the show that we think you guys have really grown to love. We do yearn for the day where we can have a stable, long running stint in one location on the dial. Again, Brown and I (and many of our friends) have had many prayerful hours about this move, just like all the others. We really believe that this is just another step on the journey God has in store for us and this show. We want to thank all of our friends who continue to pray for us. Don't stop. This is only a small step to a greater end.
Read Joshua 1:9
-Dunaway Out

Thursday, July 17, 2008


One of my favorite things about The Dunaway and Brown Show is the callers. The day after the MLB All-Star game asked about an SEC Football All-Star game…East vs. West. What would those teams look like this year and who would win. I'm sure Chris, Kirk and the Coach would love to have Gameday on hand for this showdown. What follows is the two deep depth chart and how I think the game would turn out.

QB: Tim Tebow (UF); Matt Stafford (UGA)
RB: Knowshon Moreno (UGA); Emmanuel Moody (UF)
RB: Arian Foster (UT); Caleb King (UGA)
WR: Percy Harvin (UF); Carl Moore (UF)
WR: Kenny McKinley (USC); Mohamed Massaguoi (UGA)
WR: Lucas Taylor (UT); Dicky Lyons Jr. (UK)
TE: Cornelius Ingram (UGA); Jared Cook (USC)
C: Josh McNeil (UT); Chris Davis (UGA)
G: Anthony Parker (UT); Clint Boling (UGA)
G: Jim Tartt (UF); Jacques McClendon (UT)
T: Ramon Foster (UT); Phil Trautwein (UF)
T: Garry Williams (UK); Chris Scott (UT)

DT: Geno Atkins (UGA); Demonte’ Bolden (UT)
DT: Jeff Owens (UGA); Corey Peters (UK)
DE: Jeremy Jarmon (UK); Carlos Dunlap (UF)
DE: Jermaine Cunningham (UF); Justin Houston (UGA)
MLB: Brandon Spikes (UF); Jasper Brinkley (USC)
OLB: Rico McCoy (UT); Rennie Curran (UGA)
OLB: Eric Norwood (USC); Braxton Kelley (UK)
CB: Trevard Lindley (UK); D.J. Moore (VU)
CB: Captain Munnerlyn (USC); Asher Allen (UGA)
S: Eric Berry (UT); Reshard Langford (VU)
S: Emanuel Cook (USC); Demetrice Morley (UT)

PK: Ryan Succop (USC)
P: Brian Mimbs (UGA)
KR: Brandon James (UF)
PR: Dennis Rogan (UT)

QB: John Parker Wilson (Bama); Kodi Burns (AU)
RB: Anthony Dixon (MSU); Ben Tate (AU)
RB: Keiland Williams (LSU); Brad Lester (AU)
WR: Demetrius Byrd (LSU); Mike Wallace (UM)
WR: Brandon LaFell (LSU); Rod Smith (AU)
WR: Mario Fannin (AU); Burton Scott(Bama)
TE: Richard Dickson (LSU); Tommy Trott (AU)
C: Jonathan Luigs (AR); Antoine Caldwell (Bama)
G: Herman Johnson (LSU); Mitch Petrus (AR)
G: John Jerry (UM); Chaz Ramsey (AU)
T: Andre Smith (Bama); Lee Ziemba (AU)
T: Michael Oher (UM); Ciron Black (LSU)

DT: Rickey Jean-Francois (LSU); Peria Jerry (UM)
DT: Sen’Derrick Marks (AU); Marlon Favorite (LSU)
DE: Tyson Jackson (LSU); Antonio Coleman (AU)
DE: Greg Hardy (UM); Kirston Pittman (LSU)
MLB: Darry Beckwith (LSU); Rolando McClain (Bama)
OLB: Ashlee Palmer (UM); Freddie Fairchild (AR)
OLB: Tray Blackmon (AU); Jamar Chaney (MSU)
CB: Jerraud Powers (AU); Kareem Jackson (Bama)
CB: Aairon Savage (AU); Jerell Norton (AR)
S: Derek Pegues (MSU); Chad Jones (LSU)
S: Rashad Johnson (Bama); Mike McNeil (AU)

PK: Leigh Tiffin (Bama)
P: Ryan Shoemaker (AU)
KR: Trindon Holliday (LSU)
PR: Javier Arenas (Bama)

RESULTS: I know the East is big in the glamour positions of QB and RB… but I think the West would actually win the game because of the strength in the trenches… especially on OL. Very close game and would be a ton of fun. Final Score: West 24 East 21

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SEC Media Days are next week in Hoover. The D&B Show will be on radio row and you can stop by and see us but at least make sure you listen as we bring you as many SEC power brokers as possible. Here is the schedule:

Wednesday, July 23rd (1:10-5:10pm)Florida, Mississippi State, LSU, Vanderbilt,

Thursday, July 24th (8:40am-12:40pm)Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee

Friday, July 25th (8:40am-12:40pm)Auburn, Kentucky, Arkansas, South Carolina


It's football season! - God Bless, Jim

Friday, July 11, 2008


TUSCALOOSA, AL (July 11, 2008) - Ken Stabler, popular color analyst onthe Crimson Tide Sports Network, has asked to take a leave of absencefrom that position for the 2008 football season. The former TideAll-America quarterback has been part of the radio broadcast crew forAlabama Football the past 10 years."We regret that Kenny will not be part of our broadcast team during theupcoming season, but accept and understand his decision," said JimCarabin, general manager of Crimson Tide Sports Marketing, themultimedia rights holder for the University of Alabama athletics programand producer of the Crimson Tide Sports Network. "We are entirelysupportive of Kenny and his family and feel that this is the right thingfor them at this time."Tom Roberts, longtime member of the Crimson Tide Sports Network crew,will take over Stabler's color analyst duties for the 2008 footballseason."It is with much regret that I will not be part of Crimson Tide footballbroadcasts this coming year," Stabler says, "but there are matters in mypersonal life that demand my full attention at this time. I will deeplymiss being part of the Crimson Tide Sports Network team and thewonderful interaction that I always enjoy with the many Tide fansthroughout the season."


Andy Katz is the ESPN Insider for College Basketball. He had a great post about Bama Coach Mark Gottfried's plan to change the NBA Draft process. I don't know if the NBA will ever go for it, but I'd love to see it. Read Andy's insightful entry and Mark's plan below.
AKRON, Ohio -- Coaches from a number of high-profile conferences are wondering how they can shorten the time period from when a player declares for the NBA draft (in late April) to when he must decide if he wants to return to school (mid-June).
The problem is the NBA controls the timetable. The NBA has done a good job of shortening the workout window in early June (after the pre-draft camp) to the deadline to withdraw, making it about 10 days. That eliminated players bolting early from school in May to go through workouts and will help the NCAA schools with their APR numbers as long as the underclassmen finish the semester in good academic standing.
This past spring, the NCAA allowed NBA teams to pay for workouts around the country, and that, you would think, curtailed the suspicion about players paying for excessive travel without help from an agent.
But Alabama coach Mark Gottfried has a radical idea to take back control of the process from the NBA.
Gottfried proposed to the NCAA basketball issues committee this spring that the NCAA change its side of the early-entrant process. Gottfried's idea is to submit every Division I underclassman's name to the NBA draft, making everyone eligible to be selected.
In Gottfried's plan, players would lose their eligibility if they worked out for an NBA team. Gottfried and other college coaches figure that since NBA teams have spent countless dollars scouting college players, why should they need to work them out again on site?
Then, Gottfried said, everyone "would watch the draft and see where they were selected. If you don't like going No. 50 in the second round, then you would have 10 days after the draft to return to school."
Gottfried said the NBA wouldn't like his idea, but this would prevent bad decisions since a player wouldn't leave if he were picked too low or not at all.
Of course, if this were to occur, the NBA would have to decide if it retained rights on a player selected. There is also the question if the school can have control over submitting a player's name to the NBA on his behalf.
"I had some interesting looks in the room," Gottfried said. "Some people said they hadn't thought about it."
The chances this would occur are slim, but Gottfried is not alone in trying to change the system from the NCAA's side. Coaches are trying to find a way to avoid the uncertainty of the draft process and of which players will be available for the upcoming season. For some teams, like North Carolina and Gonzaga, everything worked out fine when their early-entrants returned to school in mid-June. For others, like Cal, the late decision of one player (Ryan Anderson) changed the direction of the team for next season at a time when there was no way to replace not just the talent, but sometimes even the roster spot for next season.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Just a couple of quick notes on this Thursday:

PLEASE PRAY: I know a lot of you who listen to our show are strong Christians who believe in the power of prayer. When you go to your small groups this week or Sunday School this weekend, please put Paul Finebaum on your prayer list. Most of you have heard of his eye problems, if not, here is a link. It is my prayer that Paul and his wife have as much comfort as possible through this process and that the doctors are blessed by God and have success in their work. Lift Paul up for healing.

WHY DO I CARE: Biggest question I have gotten in the last 7 days is, "What do you think about putting Nick Saban as a coach on the Hot Seat?" My answer is simple... I don't think about it. Why should I care what a website says about the Alabama coach. It is an opinion like mine, or yours or anybody else. My 7 year old daughter has a website, but I don't put her thoughts on Hannah Montana on my CBS 42 sportscast or build my radio show around her thoughts on Kung Fu Panda. Coaches Hot Seat is a website started by a group of friends in the Bay Area of California. They love football and the site is really full of great information... BUT it doesn't matter if they think Coach Saban is safe or not, under pressure or not, they are just a few guys with a football opinion... not a news source.

JIM ON CBS 42: Thank you all for the kind words about my return to television. It's really a lot easier than my role as Sports Director at NBC 13 and Maggie and the kids are happy about that. Don't forget, you can e-mail me words to work into the sportscast every night at 10pm. Send them to and YES I KNOW I have put on a few pounds... when Rick and Bubba tell you that you've gained weight... it's pretty obvious.

QUICK HITS: I'm still going to be a Tony Stewart fan when he starts his new team; I think my Tampa Bay Rays are about to go into CHOKE MODE... but it's been a fun summer; I think Notre Dame will win 10 games this season; I think I could win 8 games at Tennessee and get a year added onto my contract; Shouldn't we all be upset that Jesse Jackson wants to go Jackie Sherrill on the guy who could be our next President?; Biggest recuiting debate of the summer... is Auburn's 19 commitments about quality or quantity?; I'm cheering for Dara Torres, but I'm glad my wife doesn't have that muscle structure; Happy Birthday to my wife Maggie... she turns one and a half Olympic Cycles less than Dara Torres this weekend.

-God Bless

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


  • Great news for Auburn's Ben Tate and Alabama's John Parker Wilson. Both are on the watch list for the Maxwell Award given each year to the best player in College Football. 75 players are on the list.
  • UConn star Stanley Robinson is in town taking classes at a local community college. Jim Calhoun says he will miss the fall semester with the Huskies. Blake was told a couple of state schools have inquired about Stanley transferring to their school... so far Stanley wants to go back to UConn.
  • Georgia Runningback was not in academic or off the field trouble. He went home for two weeks (New Jersey) to get away from the fandom of Georgia football fans.
  • Auburn grad Gabe Gross hit the big homerun as the Rays beat the Red Sox to open up their lead in the American League East by a game and a half.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Statement from Coach Saban

Statement from Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban on Jimmy Johns:

“Jimmy Johns has been dismissed from the team. This type of behavior obviously will not be tolerated and he is no longer a part of our program.”

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Just one personal note on the Saban Scholarships, what a great opportunity!

I was a first generation college student and to have this head start would have taken a lot of stress off of my family. I'm sure my story is not different from a lot of first generation students. I started a semester and then had to sit out and get a job to save more money to go back for a semester and the cycle lasted for 6 years. As you know, most students don't return after sitting out a semester. A commitment like this will take away those missed semesters.

What a terrific gesture from a family that doesn't know the lives they will impact with their donation... but give anywhere. If you ever doubt how committed the Saban's are to the University, just think about giving 1/4 of your salary as a scholarship donation to your favorite school... how committed would you have to be to do that?

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Quick response to the UNDER THE LIGHTS with Alabama Football on Sports South:

1. Nick Saban does it again. Can't meet the recruits in the Spring... I'll give all access to a regional TV network and let them show how much my players love me and how much fun I have at work. Read between the commercials and you can see the Alabama Coach saying, "Don't you want to play here". Many will answer yes.

2. With all do respect to FOX 6 Anchor Rick Karle, fans do not look at a show like this thru the eyes of a TV professional. The production value wasn't great, but the access was and that's really all the fans want. Could it have been better... you bet. This wasn't about winning an Emmy for a TV show, this was about RECRUITING and from ESPN SportsCenter to video conferencing to opening up the All Access Door... this was what the Alabama Coach wanted.

ALSO: Auburn fans should get ready for an afternoon game against the Vols in Jordan-Hare Stadium. The Knoxville News-Sentinal is reporting that 3 Tennessee games will be on CBS this year. That includes back to back weeks with Florida at Neyland and Auburn on the plains.
The UT-AU game is listed as tentative and this does not mean Alabama at Tennessee will not be on CBS but I would bet on that Tide-Vols game will be a night affair in Knoxville with LSU-Georgia earlier that day on the 3rd Saturday October.



Auburn fans should get ready for an afternoon game against the Vols in Jordan-Hare Stadium. The Knoxville News-Sentinal is reporting that 3 Tennessee games will be on CBS this year. That includes back to back weeks with Florida at Neyland and Auburn on the plains.

The UT-AU game is listed as tentative and this does not mean Alabama at Tennessee will not be on CBS but I would bet on that Tide-Vols game will be a night affair in Knoxville with LSU-Georgia earlier that day on the 3rd Saturday October.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today marks Day 45 without Dawson. Why? Several reasons:

1. Over a month ago, Blake asked Jim about what Dawson had just said on the air. Jim admitted when Dawson was talking, he was doing something else. Jim asked Ryan what Dawson had said, and Ryan said he was tuned out checking the internet for good stock buys. I decided, if we couldn't focus on what Dawson was saying, then we should save his wonderful insight for our friends on the FM.

2. We know what he's going to say, so why not let the next person talk

3. Dawson is a great person, but his phone calls lead to people calling about Dawson. We just don't do that kind of show. Talking about Dawson, Jim from Tuscaloosa or any caller is not the vision for the show. For more on what we are trying to do, please read a recent interview on the blog PLAY IS UNDER REVIEW

4. Since we have been Dawson Free, our listeners have experienced: Less belly fat; better hydration; restful sleep; fewer headaches; better driving records; decline in energy bills; donated more to charity. Send e-mail to to let us know how your life has improved since Dunaway and Brown has gone DAWSON FREE


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hey guys, Alabama and Clemson in prime time on ABC. Gameday a lock for Atlanta and it is only 88 days away... (86 to the first Thursday games) Also wonderful news for Auburn fans... the Miss State game in Starkville will be a night game on ESPN 2.

Here is the offcial list from the SEC so far

(Only games that have been selected as of Wednesday, June 3, 2008)

Date Time Network Game
(Thu.) Aug. 28 7:00 p.m. ESPNU Vanderbilt at Miami (Ohio)
(Thu.) Aug. 28 8:00 p.m. ESPN N.C. State at South Carolina

(Sat.) Aug. 30 12:30 p.m. Raycom Sports Hawaii at Florida
(Sat.) Aug. 30 5:00 p.m. ESPN Appalachian State at LSU
(Sat.) Aug. 30 6:45 p.m. ESPN2 Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech
(Sat.) Aug. 30 8:00 p.m. ABC Sports Alabama vs. Clemson (Atlanta, Ga.)

(Sun.) Aug. 31 3:30 p.m. ESPN Kentucky at Louisville

(Mon.) Sept. 1 8:00 p.m. ESPN Tennessee at UCLA

(Thu.) Sept. 4 8:30 p.m. ESPN South Carolina at Vanderbilt

(Sat.) Sept. 6 12:30 p.m. Raycom Sports Southern Mississippi at Auburn
(Sat.) Sept. 6 3:30 p.m. ABC Sports Ole Miss at Wake Forest
(Sat.) Sept. 6 8:00 p.m. ESPN Miami at Florida

(Sat.) Sept. 13 12:30 p.m. Raycom Sports UAB at Tennessee
(Sat.) Sept. 13 3:30 p.m. CBS Sports Georgia at South Carolina
(Sat.) Sept. 13 3:30 p.m. ABC Sports Arkansas at Texas
(Sat.) Sept. 13 7:00 p.m. ESPN2 Auburn at Mississippi State

(Sat.) Sept. 20 8:13 p.m. ABC Sports Georgia at Arizona State

(Thu.) Oct. 23 7:30 p.m. ESPN Auburn at West Virginia

(Fri.) Nov. 28 12:30 p.m. Raycom Sports Mississippi State at Ole Miss
(Fri.) Nov. 28 2:30 p.m. CBS Sports LSU at Arkansas (Little Rock)

(Sat.) Dec. 6 4:00 p.m. CBS Sports SEC Championship Game (Atlanta, Ga.)

All Times Eastern
Tentative and Subject to Change
Additional games to be added as become available

Friday, May 30, 2008


First a note about last night’s Alabama softball game… Bama drops opener against Arizona State. Bama played good enough to win, but I don’t understand walking the ASU power hitter intentionally to start the final inning. Even if she hits a homer, the game is only tied. I wonder how long coach Pat Murphy will debate that. He walked her all night and it worked until the 7th. And Yes, the line drive double was a foul ball… bad call… Now

On the Dunaway and Brown show Thursday…

Great job by you guys with the PROGRAM THE SEC NETWORK segment Thursday. Here are some of the recommended shows from the guys on the shows and you the caller;

Two and Half Men: Starring Pat Dye, Tommy Tuberville and Terry Bowden
Real World Destin: 12 football coaches live together at the SEC Meetings
Quantum Leap: Bobby Petrino wakes up during every episode as coach of a different team
How I Met Your Mother: The Bill Belichick Story (I know, not in the SEC but the dude has a different date every year)
The Munsters: starring Billy Donavan
7th Heaven: The story of the Iron Bowl dominance of Auburn
Pee Wee’s Playhouse: The 1993 Auburn season starring Terry Bowden
Sponge Phil Square Pants: starring UT Coach Phil Fulmer
I Spy: again Bill Belichick (again I know, not in the SEC but still funny)
The Les and Butt Head Show: Les Miles and Butt Head discuss football in their basement
University Boulevard Blues: Police patrol The Strip in Tuscaloosa
Cheers: Starring UT Punter Dustin Colquitt
Freaks and Geeks: Inside Vandy’s Athletic Department
So You think you can Coach: Starring Mike Shula and Ed Orgeron
Scrub’s: The Mike Shula Recruiting Classes
Nowhere Man: Starring Jeff Lebo
Flip That House: Hosted by Bobby Petrino
How It’s Made: Nick Saban takes you inside the process
Dr. Tebow Medicine Man: The Florida QB goes back to the Philippines
Coach Swap: Take a good program and switch coaches with a bad program Saban and Vandy’s Johnson in episode one
Are You Smarter than a 5th grader? Starring over signed recruits destined for Hargrave

Great guest on Thursday:
Conredge Holloway joined D&B and the guys talked with him about:
1. The much talked about freshman game versus Notre Dame that drew over 30,000 as Neyland Stadium. Vols won over Tom Clements and Gerry DiNardo’s Irish.
2. Holloway is very excited to be in the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame with his coach Bill Battle.
3. Caller McVee says the reason he is a Vols fan is because of Holloway
4. Holloway almost signed a baseball contract with the Expos. Gadsden listeners called in and shared stories of Holloway’s Lee of Huntsville team playing Gadsden in the state playoffs and Holloway hit two homeruns over 400 feet with wooden bats

Marty Blake director of scouting for NBA joined D&B:
1. Despite media reports, Marty told us Ronald Steele is playing well all things considered but that he should return to school
2. Hendrix is really impressive and could play right now either in the NBA or Europe and make a lot of money
3. Robert Vaden can really fill it up, and is better than expected on defense
4. Quan Prowell has been a big surprise. Marty thinks he’ll have a chance to make a squad even if he is not drafted.

Gil Brandt former Cowboys front office guru now with the joined D&B:
1. Bama QB John Parker Wilson is a Top 5 QB of all Seniors in the nation
2. Gil thinks JPW will be more like 2006 season because of coaching. Another year under Saban and Jim McElwain the new QB Coach.
3. Dunaway wonders aloud if JPW has a good year, will that change the image of Major Applewhite as a good coach?

See you this afternoon from 1:00-6:00pm – Dunaway Out

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


On the Dunaway and Brown show Wednesday:

Chris Low ( tells D&B that the FOX Network is pushing to get a Broadcast deal with the conference. Not sure yet if this would end relationship with ESPN or CBS, but FOX brings a lot of money and a commitment to give the SEC Huge exposure.

Tony Barnhart was also on the show Wednesday. He told D&B that he has had conversations with the suits at FOX the last two years. Tony points out that FOX has wanted in the SEC game since they started broadcasting the BCS games. He also says FOX wants in the BIG 10 etc. just nobody is unhappy with their current deals. CBS sure isn’t. Tony works for them and he tells us the CBS execs love the SEC package especially after last season when every game was a classic.

Other Tony Barnhart points from the show: Nick Saban is very comfortable in his own skin so he’s not the type of coach at the SEC meetings to be patting everyone on the back. Saban also is still a little miffed about the Saban Rule against spring evaluations. Tony also talked with both Bobby Petrino and Tommy Tuberville and both say all the right things about the failed JetGate in 2003 that almost had Petrino replacing Tuberville at Auburn.

Caller Jim from Crestwood got on me (Dunaway) for not defending Coach Bryant when AU fans call him the “dead drunk” (editor note: I do defend Coach Bryant when that happens 99% of the time) The callers and D&B shared great Iron Bowl stories from “Plow Bear Plow” to Tuberville holding up his “streak fingers”. We all decide that it’s all Bragging Rights and it’s up to the other side to win the right to brag.

Tom Luginbill (Scout Inc/ESPN) told us that he is also in favor of an early signing period and thinks coaches around the nation will support the SEC efforts to push an early signing period in football.

Luginbill also thinks Auburn’s early commitments are the real deal. Especially the RB Rodney Scott and TE Philip Lutzenkirchen.

Later in the show, Rodney Orr of reported that Alonzo Lawrence (Bama signee from Mississippi) had been cleared by the NCAA Clearing House which means he’s in T-town soon and ready to start play. I
E-mailed Luginbill back and he said Alonzo will be on the field for the very first game against Clemson… he’s that good especially as a legit six footer.

Nobody liked the no-call in Tuesday nights Lakers-Spurs game. Melvin called on the phone and expressed the NBA’s desire to have Kobe and the Lakers in the finals. Jam packed Phone Lines followed with a lot of the same NBA chatter.
See you Thursday from 1-6pm central – DUNAWAY OUT

Like mice eating cheese in a trap, some fans get lured into the talk radio trap. Come on guys, don’t eat the cheese. Tommy Tuberville was helping the attitude of our troops on his tour of the Middle East (or middle east Asia). Here is what he said about raising seven fingers after helping his team of soldiers:

"That was just a fun time, and there was a lot of kidding going between by myself and all the Alabama fans. We went over there to have a good time. We didn't go over there to jab anybody. You are talking about people that every day do something that is pretty dangerous."

The fact that proud Alabama fans were there having fun giving the rivalry back and fourth with the Auburn coach shows that it was done in good fun. I talked 5 hours Tuesday on our show (not that our callers are more enlightened) and nobody had a problem with it.

Those that went on the trip said that the coaches were doing anything to make the men and women laugh and have fun. Tuberville was signing everything from every school and any coach would have done that.

My daughter wears a "GOT 12?" t-shirt. I think it's just the joy of the rivalry.

This trip was about one uniform... that of the U.S. Soldier.


One of our callers lost his wife to cancer this week. Funeral today. Harry from Trussville is a big Auburn fan and so was his wife. To paraphrase the late Jim Fyffe, “Say a silent prayer for Harry today”.


Yes I agree with the SEC Coaches. I want an early signing period but it should come in August before the start of the season. The SEC coaches are discussing a period that would allow players sign in December.


The Athlon Magazine cover boy is also being talked about as a difference maker for Alabama this season. I agree. If JPW returns to his 2006 form, Alabama will contend in the SEC West and I think it will happen.


Great discussion Tuesday on this topic, here is how I rank them; 1. Antonio McDyess 2. Latrell Sprewell 3. Robert Horry 4. Derrick McKey 5. T.R. Dunn


Monday, May 12, 2008


Several sources inside the broadcast industry told Dunaway and Brown Monday that the 11:30am Raycom broadcast of SEC Football will be broadcast in HD this fall.

That's great news! Early kicks are bad enough without the blurry picture on the big screen.

The news is even better. Brownie exchanged e-mails with the folks at WTTO in Birmingham and they tell him they can broadcast the game in HD as well.

Other notes from Monday's show:
  • Coca-Cola will return to concession stands inside Bryant-Denny stadium. Sources tell us that this is part of a major NFL LIKE concession make-over to improve the fan experience for Alabama games.
  • That concession make-over will include a variety of new foods and some local favorites inside the stadium. All of this was taken from fan feedback and was a top priority of those charged with making sure the Bama fans game day's equal the traditions of the program.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


That sound you hear may be the air coming out of the basketball's in Coleman Coliseum. Richard Hendrix may be staying in the NBA Draft.

Read what his dad tells the hometown paper about his draft position.

What does some NBA Experts think? ESPN's Chad Ford projects him as a late 1st round, early 2nd round guy. It is doubtful Hendrix will be able to improve on that position barring a spectacular Senior season.

Ford think the NBA scouts will like his big strong hands with physical NBA body. He does point out the slow foot speed and indicates he could be a gamble, but a gamble worth taking. Ford projects him 35th overall in his TOP 100.

Two points from me: 1. If you and the team have a great year, your stock goes up which takes a big part of the gamble out of it 2. If I had to lose a player, between Hendrix and a healthy Ronald Steele... I think Alabama needs Steele more.

If both are back, great year. If both are gone, rut-roh.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


ABC Sports announced their prime time game for September 20th yesterday and it is Georgia at Arizona State. It's a rare Prime Time ABC game for the National Championship contender from the SEC. The ABC Prime Time game has been mostly USC or Ohio State territory the last two years.

The SEC gets a national audience every week with the best TV package in College football thanks to CBS and ESPN, but invading the ultra successful ABC Prime Time package with Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstriet is a great cross promotion for the conference and it will almost guarantee that ESPN's College Gameday will be in Tempe for the weekend.

Here are the games already locked into a TV slot from the SEC. I will update as others become available:

  • (Thu) Aug 28th Vanderbilt at Miami Ohio 6:30p ESPN-U
  • (Thu)Aug 28th North Carolina State at South Carolina 7:00p ESPN
  • Aug. 30th Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech TBA ESPN 2
  • Aug. 30th Alabama vs. Clemson TBA ABC or ESPN
  • Aug. 31st Kentucky at Louisville 2:30p ESPN
  • Sept. 1st Tennessee at UCLA 7:00p ESPN
  • (Thu) Sept. 4th South Carolina at Vanderbilt 6:30p ESPN
  • Sept. 20th Georgia at Arizona State 7:00p ABC
  • (Thu) Oct. 23rd Auburn at West Virginia 6:30p ESPN
  • (Fri) Nov. 28th LSU at Arkansas 1:30p CBS

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jim's Update on his Dad

Thanks everyone for all the prayers and well wishes, dad is doing great!

Surgery Thursday. Dr. Riggins and Dr. Thomas had him on and off the lung/heart machine in 2 1/2 hours. 5 bypasses and everything went well. I just saw him and he looks good... ventilator should be out tonight and he should walk to the step down rooms tomorrow afternoon and be at home by Monday afternoon. Thank you again for everything you do for me and my family.

I plan on being back to work Friday afternoon with Brownie.
Dad's a big Alabama fan... the first game I went to was the 1969 Ole Miss-Alabama game at Legion Field. He and my uncle snuck me in the game as a 5 year old. The best thing about college football in the south is how we can always talk football to lighten the mood. We spent many minutes leading up to the surgery talking about past Alabama games and what we think will happen next season. He joked that it should have been JPW in the hospital getting heart surgery (I gave him a courteous laugh like Brownie always does me)
By the way... the picture is from the 1970's. Panama City, so we come by my Power Ballad Friday roots naturally. Yes, dad was apparently a HUGE Don Sutton fan with his tribute with his hair style. And I know, my mom was hotter than a firecracker, she actually won LT's Babe Bracket in 1965 and was denied the championship in 1966 when Raquel Welch and Playmate Judy Tyler January played to a tie.

See you guys Friday at 1pm - Dunaway Out

Friday, April 18, 2008

R.I.P. Danny Federici

I don't know about you guys, but I have always been amazed not only by Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. One of the unique qualities of the band was the keyboards and that came from Danny Federici. He died this week after a long battle with cancer, meaning we'll never see the band together and complete again.

VHI Classic Concerts (Charter Cable 306) has been playing concerts all night. I've heard Greetings from Asbury Park, but I got to see it tonight. The Born to Run tour is on right now as I write.

Man the lyrics from Springsteen are breathtaking. Pure Americana.

I know every generation says we are not making them like this anymore, but really... is anyone writing and putting music together like these guys anymore? Is it just my age, or did we just loose a big piece to a classic?

-Dunaway Out

Saturday, April 5, 2008


There were 64 teams and 402 entries... we are now down to one game and 3 entries. We will have a drawing next week to decide the overall winner of the Charter Grand Prize. The question left to answer, 2 or 3 people in the tie-breaker?
Here are the current standings:
Jody Cooper 47 (UNC as champ)
John P. Stephens 47 (UNC as champ)
Brandon Clark 46 (Kansas as champ)
If Kansas wins, Brandon will join Jody and John in the drawing... if Memphis wins, it will be just Jody and John.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


The Final Four is set, and it is the first time since the field expanded that all four number one seeds are in the Final Four. Congrats on those of you that had Davidson in the Sweet 16 and the three of you who had Davidson in the Elite 8.

Jody Cooper had a one win lead after the first two rounds, and again, Jody is holding on as the leader with a one point advantage. Jody has North Carolina winning the championship. Anyone with 43 points or less, has been eliminated. Here are the current standings:

  1. Jody Cooper 47
  2. Dave Stamey 46
  3. John P. Stephens 46
  4. Anthony Duncan 46
  5. Hardy Green 46
  6. Larry Sams 45
  7. Matthew E. Kynard 45
  8. Norman Cacciatore 45
  9. Chad Garretson 45
  10. Adam Hughes 45
  11. Brandon Garner 45
  12. Tommy Hutchins 45
  13. Stacy Hitson 44
  14. Phil Thrasher 44
  15. Gary Romundstad 44
  16. Shane Miller 44
  17. Gary Camp 44
  18. Sam Austin 44
  19. David White 44
  20. Brandon Clark 44
  21. Dr. Arthur DeCarlo 44
  22. Bob Gray 44
  23. Scott Hodnett 44
  24. Hilton Tomlinson 44
  25. Julie Anna Johnson 44
  26. Zach Rutledge 44
  27. Dustin Stanford 44
  28. Brian Wrighton 44

If you think you have 44, please e-mail me at

Thank you so much for listening to Dunaway and Brown. You guys are an answer to so many prayers and we truly have a joy talking with you guys and laughing every afternoon. Don't forget to say thanks to our friends at Charter Communications for helping us with this event. The Charter Brackets & Bundles had 402 individual entries from the Dunaway and Brown show. We appreciate that support!

-Dunaway Out

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


  1. Hello everyone and thanks for making the Dunaway and Brown-Opening Driver-Charter Communications BRACKETS and BUNDLES a huge success. I will continue to score everyone throughout the tournament until you are eliminated from a chance to win. The following list is only those within 3 of the leader. Obviously, there are many of you still mathematically in the hunt, but this is the Top 25 and ties.

  1. Jody Cooper 39
  2. Hardy Green 38
  3. Anthony Dunn 38
  4. Brian Whrighton 37
  5. Dustin Stanford 37
  6. Zach Rutledge 37
  7. Julie Anna Johnson 37 (2007 D&B Champ)
  8. Tommy Hutchins 37
  9. Brandon Garner 37
  10. Marshall Davidson 37
  11. Hilton Tomlinson 36
  12. John P. Stephens 36
  13. Dave Stamey 36
  14. Bryan Millican 36
  15. Kane Lauminick 36
  16. Tommy Idland 36
  17. Travis Johnson 36
  18. Scott Hodnett 36
  19. Adam Hughes 36
  20. Tonya Hicks 36
  21. Chad Garretson 36
  22. Todd Green 36
  23. Bob Gray 36
  24. Dr. Arthur DeCarlo 36
  25. Britt Campbell 36
  26. Brandon Clark 36
  27. Norman Cacciatore 36
  28. Stephen Archer 36

Lowest Entry: Vann Owens 21

-Dunaway Out

Sunday, March 16, 2008


The Georgia WONDER-Dawgs are now one of those teams we'll always reference. The only thing I regret is that I watched on TV and wasn't covering the championship run in person. I think back to some upsets I've seen with my own eyes and this UGA run is right there. I remember my sprint from the rightfield corner of Fulton County Stadium to interview Sid Bream while his fellow Braves were still on top of him in a championship pile. I remember throwing my mic in the face of Antonio Langham while his teammates still had him on their shoulders in the Superdome after Alabama beat Miami. I was shocked when Terry Bowden grabbed my mic and screamed "NATIONAL CHAMPIONS" after Auburn's 11-0 season in 1993. I was there when Dale Earnhardt won Daytona for the first time and when Auburn finished perfection in 2004. This Georgia team is now in that class.

  • Dennis Felton was “DEAD MAN COACHING” until the Georgia championship run. My question, if they lose in the 1st round, do you keep him? (Answer: Yes)

  • Enter the Dunaway and Brown, CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS Bracket Challenge for BIG Prizes and BIG Fun. Click here for official brackets, here for the rules. Don’t forget to join us at CHARTER (directions) for a live show Wednesday 1-6pm to drop off your brackets, enjoy some food and shoot some hoop on some goals we’ll have set up.

  • I’ll give you my completed bracket right here in this spot on Wednesday, until then here are some thoughts:

  • Tennessee got ripped off! The Vols are the #2 seed opposite of national #1 North Carolina…PLUS they are going to play here in Birmingham, the only Southern City that hates the Big Orange more than most.

  • East Region: North Carolina will win, but Washington State is a real threat

  • South Region: Watch out for Pitt

  • Midwest Region: I’m already sick of hearing about OJ Mayo vs. Michael Beasley. Clemson is a scary team… and don’t sleep on Davidson.

  • West Region: UCLA again gets the easiest road to the Final 4. Xavier has to like their draw.

  • UAB will beat VCU in the NIT and then lose at Virginia Tech

  • Tony Stewart getting dumped by Kevin Harvick was not that big a deal, just racing at Bristol. Glad to see Childress Racing going 1-2-3. Jeff Burton is a nice guy (the only driver EVER to wake up and join me on the 5-7am news. He was live with me TWICE)

Saturday, March 15, 2008


  • Tyler Hansbrough hits game winner for North Carolina… it was retire my jersey good… but the celebration was horrible… dude looked like Herman Munster celebrating good news from Lilly or little Eddie.

  • Watch Clemson (beat Duke) in NCAA Tournament

  • Hey Jacksonville State… HIRE PHILLIP PEARSON and let him recruit talent for the Gamecocks.

  • Forget Bulldogs, Forget Underdogs, they are WONDERDOGS!

  • What Georgia did today is amazing. They bounce Kentucky and then bounces Mississippi State…both are NCAA Tournament teams. Georgia now plays Arkansas… if they beat them they would have beaten 3 tournament teams in 27 hours and of course they would be a tournament team with the automatic bid.

  • Nobody grew up more than Swansey, game winner against Big Blue, big hoops in the nightcap.

  • How ‘bout them Dawgs just playing two games in one day?

  • I hope Joe Dean Jr. keeps announcing… I still love hearing, “Plays a little String Music Timmy B for the Georgia Dawgs!”

  • You would think Georgia would have lost their composure, having played two games in one day, but it was Mississippi State that lost their composure. Charles Rhodes gets a technical with 7.6 seconds, and Georgia did it without Gaines and Bliss.

  • Forget that Georgia is the first 6 seed to go to the Championship game… they are the first team in SEC Tournament history to win TWO GAMES IN ONE DAY.

  • Dennis Felton said he sold his players on just making history. They hadn’t beaten Kentucky ever in the SEC Tournament…ever! Georgia hadn’t been to the semi-finals in 11 years.

  • They beat Mississippi State with no scouting, no practice, and no prep.

  • I wake up Saturday morning, turn on my TV and see Kentucky playing Georgia on the campus of Georgia Tech... Initial thought, UK and UGA should be prepared for the atmosphere; the crowd looked like Beard-Eaves.

  • You hear me say it all the time, the Refs have to call the game the same in the final 10 seconds as you do any other 10 seconds of the game. Kentucky got jobbed with the no call after the Georgia 3-pointer put them ahead with 1.2 seconds remaining. It's a designed play that worked perfect for UK, but as usual, the refs call the final seconds differently.

  • Watching the game, where only official travel party and family members were allowed in the arena... I noticed Kentucky players have A LOT of middle-aged white guys in their family tree. Is it possible, UK snuck a few extra people in the gym (Big Blue wouldn't do that) Kentucky fans did out number UGA fans 3-to-1.

  • Bobby Knight has a purple paisley shirt under his sweat shirt today... I didn't know Bristol had psychedelic dance bars?

  • Great job Friday night by the Raycom crew, including my friends Joe Dean and Buzz Baker. I have friends who are tech guys on that crew (Todd Greene and others) and they covered the breaking news with the storm as good as or better than the CNN's of the world.

  • I like the Wendell Hudson hire as women's basketball coach at Alabama. I have already gotten e-mails from Bama fans that are not happy because he hasn't coached since 1986. Here are my thoughts: The guy was an All-American player (probably knows the game pretty good) Played in the NBA/ABA (better experience than playing women's basketball in college and then in the WNBA) and then he has coached for over at decade all over college basketball. Also, don't underestimate his ties with the Junior college system in Texas... how do you rebuild a program as bad as Bama’s quickly... how about tapping into the school where you were AD for 6 years in Waco Texas and all the other friends you made in that system. State recruits and JUCO infusion = quick turnaround. I'm just saying.

  • Nice job RAYCOM… now let’s go HD for football this fall.

    - Dunaway Out for now