Thursday, May 8, 2008


That sound you hear may be the air coming out of the basketball's in Coleman Coliseum. Richard Hendrix may be staying in the NBA Draft.

Read what his dad tells the hometown paper about his draft position.

What does some NBA Experts think? ESPN's Chad Ford projects him as a late 1st round, early 2nd round guy. It is doubtful Hendrix will be able to improve on that position barring a spectacular Senior season.

Ford think the NBA scouts will like his big strong hands with physical NBA body. He does point out the slow foot speed and indicates he could be a gamble, but a gamble worth taking. Ford projects him 35th overall in his TOP 100.

Two points from me: 1. If you and the team have a great year, your stock goes up which takes a big part of the gamble out of it 2. If I had to lose a player, between Hendrix and a healthy Ronald Steele... I think Alabama needs Steele more.

If both are back, great year. If both are gone, rut-roh.


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