Wednesday, May 28, 2008


On the Dunaway and Brown show Wednesday:

Chris Low ( tells D&B that the FOX Network is pushing to get a Broadcast deal with the conference. Not sure yet if this would end relationship with ESPN or CBS, but FOX brings a lot of money and a commitment to give the SEC Huge exposure.

Tony Barnhart was also on the show Wednesday. He told D&B that he has had conversations with the suits at FOX the last two years. Tony points out that FOX has wanted in the SEC game since they started broadcasting the BCS games. He also says FOX wants in the BIG 10 etc. just nobody is unhappy with their current deals. CBS sure isn’t. Tony works for them and he tells us the CBS execs love the SEC package especially after last season when every game was a classic.

Other Tony Barnhart points from the show: Nick Saban is very comfortable in his own skin so he’s not the type of coach at the SEC meetings to be patting everyone on the back. Saban also is still a little miffed about the Saban Rule against spring evaluations. Tony also talked with both Bobby Petrino and Tommy Tuberville and both say all the right things about the failed JetGate in 2003 that almost had Petrino replacing Tuberville at Auburn.

Caller Jim from Crestwood got on me (Dunaway) for not defending Coach Bryant when AU fans call him the “dead drunk” (editor note: I do defend Coach Bryant when that happens 99% of the time) The callers and D&B shared great Iron Bowl stories from “Plow Bear Plow” to Tuberville holding up his “streak fingers”. We all decide that it’s all Bragging Rights and it’s up to the other side to win the right to brag.

Tom Luginbill (Scout Inc/ESPN) told us that he is also in favor of an early signing period and thinks coaches around the nation will support the SEC efforts to push an early signing period in football.

Luginbill also thinks Auburn’s early commitments are the real deal. Especially the RB Rodney Scott and TE Philip Lutzenkirchen.

Later in the show, Rodney Orr of reported that Alonzo Lawrence (Bama signee from Mississippi) had been cleared by the NCAA Clearing House which means he’s in T-town soon and ready to start play. I
E-mailed Luginbill back and he said Alonzo will be on the field for the very first game against Clemson… he’s that good especially as a legit six footer.

Nobody liked the no-call in Tuesday nights Lakers-Spurs game. Melvin called on the phone and expressed the NBA’s desire to have Kobe and the Lakers in the finals. Jam packed Phone Lines followed with a lot of the same NBA chatter.
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