Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jim's Update on his Dad

Thanks everyone for all the prayers and well wishes, dad is doing great!

Surgery Thursday. Dr. Riggins and Dr. Thomas had him on and off the lung/heart machine in 2 1/2 hours. 5 bypasses and everything went well. I just saw him and he looks good... ventilator should be out tonight and he should walk to the step down rooms tomorrow afternoon and be at home by Monday afternoon. Thank you again for everything you do for me and my family.

I plan on being back to work Friday afternoon with Brownie.
Dad's a big Alabama fan... the first game I went to was the 1969 Ole Miss-Alabama game at Legion Field. He and my uncle snuck me in the game as a 5 year old. The best thing about college football in the south is how we can always talk football to lighten the mood. We spent many minutes leading up to the surgery talking about past Alabama games and what we think will happen next season. He joked that it should have been JPW in the hospital getting heart surgery (I gave him a courteous laugh like Brownie always does me)
By the way... the picture is from the 1970's. Panama City, so we come by my Power Ballad Friday roots naturally. Yes, dad was apparently a HUGE Don Sutton fan with his tribute with his hair style. And I know, my mom was hotter than a firecracker, she actually won LT's Babe Bracket in 1965 and was denied the championship in 1966 when Raquel Welch and Playmate Judy Tyler January played to a tie.

See you guys Friday at 1pm - Dunaway Out

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Southern Cheesehead said...

that's awesome! Love the pic...PCB - good memories! LOL