Friday, May 30, 2008


First a note about last night’s Alabama softball game… Bama drops opener against Arizona State. Bama played good enough to win, but I don’t understand walking the ASU power hitter intentionally to start the final inning. Even if she hits a homer, the game is only tied. I wonder how long coach Pat Murphy will debate that. He walked her all night and it worked until the 7th. And Yes, the line drive double was a foul ball… bad call… Now

On the Dunaway and Brown show Thursday…

Great job by you guys with the PROGRAM THE SEC NETWORK segment Thursday. Here are some of the recommended shows from the guys on the shows and you the caller;

Two and Half Men: Starring Pat Dye, Tommy Tuberville and Terry Bowden
Real World Destin: 12 football coaches live together at the SEC Meetings
Quantum Leap: Bobby Petrino wakes up during every episode as coach of a different team
How I Met Your Mother: The Bill Belichick Story (I know, not in the SEC but the dude has a different date every year)
The Munsters: starring Billy Donavan
7th Heaven: The story of the Iron Bowl dominance of Auburn
Pee Wee’s Playhouse: The 1993 Auburn season starring Terry Bowden
Sponge Phil Square Pants: starring UT Coach Phil Fulmer
I Spy: again Bill Belichick (again I know, not in the SEC but still funny)
The Les and Butt Head Show: Les Miles and Butt Head discuss football in their basement
University Boulevard Blues: Police patrol The Strip in Tuscaloosa
Cheers: Starring UT Punter Dustin Colquitt
Freaks and Geeks: Inside Vandy’s Athletic Department
So You think you can Coach: Starring Mike Shula and Ed Orgeron
Scrub’s: The Mike Shula Recruiting Classes
Nowhere Man: Starring Jeff Lebo
Flip That House: Hosted by Bobby Petrino
How It’s Made: Nick Saban takes you inside the process
Dr. Tebow Medicine Man: The Florida QB goes back to the Philippines
Coach Swap: Take a good program and switch coaches with a bad program Saban and Vandy’s Johnson in episode one
Are You Smarter than a 5th grader? Starring over signed recruits destined for Hargrave

Great guest on Thursday:
Conredge Holloway joined D&B and the guys talked with him about:
1. The much talked about freshman game versus Notre Dame that drew over 30,000 as Neyland Stadium. Vols won over Tom Clements and Gerry DiNardo’s Irish.
2. Holloway is very excited to be in the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame with his coach Bill Battle.
3. Caller McVee says the reason he is a Vols fan is because of Holloway
4. Holloway almost signed a baseball contract with the Expos. Gadsden listeners called in and shared stories of Holloway’s Lee of Huntsville team playing Gadsden in the state playoffs and Holloway hit two homeruns over 400 feet with wooden bats

Marty Blake director of scouting for NBA joined D&B:
1. Despite media reports, Marty told us Ronald Steele is playing well all things considered but that he should return to school
2. Hendrix is really impressive and could play right now either in the NBA or Europe and make a lot of money
3. Robert Vaden can really fill it up, and is better than expected on defense
4. Quan Prowell has been a big surprise. Marty thinks he’ll have a chance to make a squad even if he is not drafted.

Gil Brandt former Cowboys front office guru now with the joined D&B:
1. Bama QB John Parker Wilson is a Top 5 QB of all Seniors in the nation
2. Gil thinks JPW will be more like 2006 season because of coaching. Another year under Saban and Jim McElwain the new QB Coach.
3. Dunaway wonders aloud if JPW has a good year, will that change the image of Major Applewhite as a good coach?

See you this afternoon from 1:00-6:00pm – Dunaway Out

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Anonymous said...

I love that you lead with the Bama softball stuff. I think you have really come over to the dark side. Also my sister talked to Kelley Montalvo last night and she swears that ball NEVER hit her glove. However, that would have not mattered if Murphy hadn't screwed up and walked that girl. Plus I have NO idea why they changed Kelsi Dunne's pitch location for high inside to outside, they hadn't hit her ALL night. Bama has a long road back now