Thursday, July 10, 2008


Just a couple of quick notes on this Thursday:

PLEASE PRAY: I know a lot of you who listen to our show are strong Christians who believe in the power of prayer. When you go to your small groups this week or Sunday School this weekend, please put Paul Finebaum on your prayer list. Most of you have heard of his eye problems, if not, here is a link. It is my prayer that Paul and his wife have as much comfort as possible through this process and that the doctors are blessed by God and have success in their work. Lift Paul up for healing.

WHY DO I CARE: Biggest question I have gotten in the last 7 days is, "What do you think about putting Nick Saban as a coach on the Hot Seat?" My answer is simple... I don't think about it. Why should I care what a website says about the Alabama coach. It is an opinion like mine, or yours or anybody else. My 7 year old daughter has a website, but I don't put her thoughts on Hannah Montana on my CBS 42 sportscast or build my radio show around her thoughts on Kung Fu Panda. Coaches Hot Seat is a website started by a group of friends in the Bay Area of California. They love football and the site is really full of great information... BUT it doesn't matter if they think Coach Saban is safe or not, under pressure or not, they are just a few guys with a football opinion... not a news source.

JIM ON CBS 42: Thank you all for the kind words about my return to television. It's really a lot easier than my role as Sports Director at NBC 13 and Maggie and the kids are happy about that. Don't forget, you can e-mail me words to work into the sportscast every night at 10pm. Send them to and YES I KNOW I have put on a few pounds... when Rick and Bubba tell you that you've gained weight... it's pretty obvious.

QUICK HITS: I'm still going to be a Tony Stewart fan when he starts his new team; I think my Tampa Bay Rays are about to go into CHOKE MODE... but it's been a fun summer; I think Notre Dame will win 10 games this season; I think I could win 8 games at Tennessee and get a year added onto my contract; Shouldn't we all be upset that Jesse Jackson wants to go Jackie Sherrill on the guy who could be our next President?; Biggest recuiting debate of the summer... is Auburn's 19 commitments about quality or quantity?; I'm cheering for Dara Torres, but I'm glad my wife doesn't have that muscle structure; Happy Birthday to my wife Maggie... she turns one and a half Olympic Cycles less than Dara Torres this weekend.

-God Bless

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