Friday, July 25, 2008



We are staying at AM-690.

There were 3 factors at work here and I want to thank those involved for this wonderful development.

  • IT WAS A GOD THING: I want to Thank God for his blessings. Many of you have been praying about our move and our show. I know, because many of you have taken the time to write and let me know about your prayers. Our prayers were not to go to one station or another or to stay at AM-690... they were simple... "God, we put this in Your Hands and we want to land behind the microphone of your choosing". I found great comfort in this prayer. I was nervous about the unknown, but God kept sending one messenger after another, giving Brown and I signs that He was on the job and that he had many options. So Thanks be to God.

  • THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE A VOICE: I also know that not only were many of you praying for us, but you were writing us and the managers here at Citadel Broadcasting. I'd love to thank every one of you personally (maybe we can do that as a slow show in June next year), but there were so many e-mails and phone calls to really do you justice. Just know that your voice was heard. THANK YOU every D&B Listener who said they were moving with us! THANK YOU every D&B Listener who called or sent an e-mail that said they were upset or sad that they would not get the show anymore in their area. AND THANK YOU SPONSORS! All of you expressed a true love of our show and that is so refreshing. Brown and I believe in your way of doing business, and we are blessed that you believe in us. We look forward to growing together.

  • THANKS TO OUR BOSS: I have friends that work at every TV station and Radio Group in Birmingham. This city is blessed with so many good people who not only want to make a profit (who doesn't) but also desire to do the best job possible for the people of Alabama. My boss (Gigi) is no different. A few weeks ago, she had an exciting development on WAPI-AM 1070 and wanted to include us in it. We were excited. Now, another exciting twist has happened with WSPZ AM-690 and the first people she thought of was us. Again, we are excited. We trust her and are pumped to not have to leave our original home on AM-690.

That's it! Everything I know and think I know. Monday we will start our new time slot 2:00-6:00pm on our old home WSPZ AM-690.

It is the best place for The Dunaway and Brown Show at this time in our lives and we'll see if we can make it to the BCS National Championship Game without anymore BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Let's enjoy another great football season together.

God Bless,


ICURIS said...

awesome! i'm glad you'll be on 690 still. much better reception.

i know you guys here in often from callers, but ya'll have an awesome show. you guys will be HUGE before long. stay in it!


Southern Cheesehead said...

Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha...LOL


carson-N-inverness said...

He is indeed soveriegn. Glad to know yall are trusting Him. Absolutely my favorite show on the radio!