Thursday, July 17, 2008


One of my favorite things about The Dunaway and Brown Show is the callers. The day after the MLB All-Star game asked about an SEC Football All-Star game…East vs. West. What would those teams look like this year and who would win. I'm sure Chris, Kirk and the Coach would love to have Gameday on hand for this showdown. What follows is the two deep depth chart and how I think the game would turn out.

QB: Tim Tebow (UF); Matt Stafford (UGA)
RB: Knowshon Moreno (UGA); Emmanuel Moody (UF)
RB: Arian Foster (UT); Caleb King (UGA)
WR: Percy Harvin (UF); Carl Moore (UF)
WR: Kenny McKinley (USC); Mohamed Massaguoi (UGA)
WR: Lucas Taylor (UT); Dicky Lyons Jr. (UK)
TE: Cornelius Ingram (UGA); Jared Cook (USC)
C: Josh McNeil (UT); Chris Davis (UGA)
G: Anthony Parker (UT); Clint Boling (UGA)
G: Jim Tartt (UF); Jacques McClendon (UT)
T: Ramon Foster (UT); Phil Trautwein (UF)
T: Garry Williams (UK); Chris Scott (UT)

DT: Geno Atkins (UGA); Demonte’ Bolden (UT)
DT: Jeff Owens (UGA); Corey Peters (UK)
DE: Jeremy Jarmon (UK); Carlos Dunlap (UF)
DE: Jermaine Cunningham (UF); Justin Houston (UGA)
MLB: Brandon Spikes (UF); Jasper Brinkley (USC)
OLB: Rico McCoy (UT); Rennie Curran (UGA)
OLB: Eric Norwood (USC); Braxton Kelley (UK)
CB: Trevard Lindley (UK); D.J. Moore (VU)
CB: Captain Munnerlyn (USC); Asher Allen (UGA)
S: Eric Berry (UT); Reshard Langford (VU)
S: Emanuel Cook (USC); Demetrice Morley (UT)

PK: Ryan Succop (USC)
P: Brian Mimbs (UGA)
KR: Brandon James (UF)
PR: Dennis Rogan (UT)

QB: John Parker Wilson (Bama); Kodi Burns (AU)
RB: Anthony Dixon (MSU); Ben Tate (AU)
RB: Keiland Williams (LSU); Brad Lester (AU)
WR: Demetrius Byrd (LSU); Mike Wallace (UM)
WR: Brandon LaFell (LSU); Rod Smith (AU)
WR: Mario Fannin (AU); Burton Scott(Bama)
TE: Richard Dickson (LSU); Tommy Trott (AU)
C: Jonathan Luigs (AR); Antoine Caldwell (Bama)
G: Herman Johnson (LSU); Mitch Petrus (AR)
G: John Jerry (UM); Chaz Ramsey (AU)
T: Andre Smith (Bama); Lee Ziemba (AU)
T: Michael Oher (UM); Ciron Black (LSU)

DT: Rickey Jean-Francois (LSU); Peria Jerry (UM)
DT: Sen’Derrick Marks (AU); Marlon Favorite (LSU)
DE: Tyson Jackson (LSU); Antonio Coleman (AU)
DE: Greg Hardy (UM); Kirston Pittman (LSU)
MLB: Darry Beckwith (LSU); Rolando McClain (Bama)
OLB: Ashlee Palmer (UM); Freddie Fairchild (AR)
OLB: Tray Blackmon (AU); Jamar Chaney (MSU)
CB: Jerraud Powers (AU); Kareem Jackson (Bama)
CB: Aairon Savage (AU); Jerell Norton (AR)
S: Derek Pegues (MSU); Chad Jones (LSU)
S: Rashad Johnson (Bama); Mike McNeil (AU)

PK: Leigh Tiffin (Bama)
P: Ryan Shoemaker (AU)
KR: Trindon Holliday (LSU)
PR: Javier Arenas (Bama)

RESULTS: I know the East is big in the glamour positions of QB and RB… but I think the West would actually win the game because of the strength in the trenches… especially on OL. Very close game and would be a ton of fun. Final Score: West 24 East 21


Moon Cricket said...

The glaring weakness for the west is at QB, but who else can you put there but JPW? The OL and DL would be outstanding look at the 4 ends for christs sake! Put Stafford at QB for the West and they might beat the Dolphins...

ICURIS said...

jim, jim, jim....your crimson glasses are on too tightly again.

i agree with most of your picks, but BJ Scott at WR? the dude hasn't even taken a snap yet, and i'm not even sure if he's better than Julio! mighty daring of you to put Scott up there.

love the show. rtr.

headbangers101 said...

East squad defense is a show-stoppper!