Saturday, March 15, 2008


  • Tyler Hansbrough hits game winner for North Carolina… it was retire my jersey good… but the celebration was horrible… dude looked like Herman Munster celebrating good news from Lilly or little Eddie.

  • Watch Clemson (beat Duke) in NCAA Tournament

  • Hey Jacksonville State… HIRE PHILLIP PEARSON and let him recruit talent for the Gamecocks.

  • Forget Bulldogs, Forget Underdogs, they are WONDERDOGS!

  • What Georgia did today is amazing. They bounce Kentucky and then bounces Mississippi State…both are NCAA Tournament teams. Georgia now plays Arkansas… if they beat them they would have beaten 3 tournament teams in 27 hours and of course they would be a tournament team with the automatic bid.

  • Nobody grew up more than Swansey, game winner against Big Blue, big hoops in the nightcap.

  • How ‘bout them Dawgs just playing two games in one day?

  • I hope Joe Dean Jr. keeps announcing… I still love hearing, “Plays a little String Music Timmy B for the Georgia Dawgs!”

  • You would think Georgia would have lost their composure, having played two games in one day, but it was Mississippi State that lost their composure. Charles Rhodes gets a technical with 7.6 seconds, and Georgia did it without Gaines and Bliss.

  • Forget that Georgia is the first 6 seed to go to the Championship game… they are the first team in SEC Tournament history to win TWO GAMES IN ONE DAY.

  • Dennis Felton said he sold his players on just making history. They hadn’t beaten Kentucky ever in the SEC Tournament…ever! Georgia hadn’t been to the semi-finals in 11 years.

  • They beat Mississippi State with no scouting, no practice, and no prep.

  • I wake up Saturday morning, turn on my TV and see Kentucky playing Georgia on the campus of Georgia Tech... Initial thought, UK and UGA should be prepared for the atmosphere; the crowd looked like Beard-Eaves.

  • You hear me say it all the time, the Refs have to call the game the same in the final 10 seconds as you do any other 10 seconds of the game. Kentucky got jobbed with the no call after the Georgia 3-pointer put them ahead with 1.2 seconds remaining. It's a designed play that worked perfect for UK, but as usual, the refs call the final seconds differently.

  • Watching the game, where only official travel party and family members were allowed in the arena... I noticed Kentucky players have A LOT of middle-aged white guys in their family tree. Is it possible, UK snuck a few extra people in the gym (Big Blue wouldn't do that) Kentucky fans did out number UGA fans 3-to-1.

  • Bobby Knight has a purple paisley shirt under his sweat shirt today... I didn't know Bristol had psychedelic dance bars?

  • Great job Friday night by the Raycom crew, including my friends Joe Dean and Buzz Baker. I have friends who are tech guys on that crew (Todd Greene and others) and they covered the breaking news with the storm as good as or better than the CNN's of the world.

  • I like the Wendell Hudson hire as women's basketball coach at Alabama. I have already gotten e-mails from Bama fans that are not happy because he hasn't coached since 1986. Here are my thoughts: The guy was an All-American player (probably knows the game pretty good) Played in the NBA/ABA (better experience than playing women's basketball in college and then in the WNBA) and then he has coached for over at decade all over college basketball. Also, don't underestimate his ties with the Junior college system in Texas... how do you rebuild a program as bad as Bama’s quickly... how about tapping into the school where you were AD for 6 years in Waco Texas and all the other friends you made in that system. State recruits and JUCO infusion = quick turnaround. I'm just saying.

  • Nice job RAYCOM… now let’s go HD for football this fall.

    - Dunaway Out for now

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