Thursday, June 5, 2008


Quick response to the UNDER THE LIGHTS with Alabama Football on Sports South:

1. Nick Saban does it again. Can't meet the recruits in the Spring... I'll give all access to a regional TV network and let them show how much my players love me and how much fun I have at work. Read between the commercials and you can see the Alabama Coach saying, "Don't you want to play here". Many will answer yes.

2. With all do respect to FOX 6 Anchor Rick Karle, fans do not look at a show like this thru the eyes of a TV professional. The production value wasn't great, but the access was and that's really all the fans want. Could it have been better... you bet. This wasn't about winning an Emmy for a TV show, this was about RECRUITING and from ESPN SportsCenter to video conferencing to opening up the All Access Door... this was what the Alabama Coach wanted.

ALSO: Auburn fans should get ready for an afternoon game against the Vols in Jordan-Hare Stadium. The Knoxville News-Sentinal is reporting that 3 Tennessee games will be on CBS this year. That includes back to back weeks with Florida at Neyland and Auburn on the plains.
The UT-AU game is listed as tentative and this does not mean Alabama at Tennessee will not be on CBS but I would bet on that Tide-Vols game will be a night affair in Knoxville with LSU-Georgia earlier that day on the 3rd Saturday October.


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