Saturday, April 5, 2008


There were 64 teams and 402 entries... we are now down to one game and 3 entries. We will have a drawing next week to decide the overall winner of the Charter Grand Prize. The question left to answer, 2 or 3 people in the tie-breaker?
Here are the current standings:
Jody Cooper 47 (UNC as champ)
John P. Stephens 47 (UNC as champ)
Brandon Clark 46 (Kansas as champ)
If Kansas wins, Brandon will join Jody and John in the drawing... if Memphis wins, it will be just Jody and John.

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HamDawg said...


I counted up my bracket and I had 47 wins total, but I don't see my name anywhere on the list. How are the points tallied? Is it just one point for one win? My bracket is entitled "Risky Business", am I missing something?

David Coffman