Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Something is missing in the Andre Smith story. I've done this a long time. Few players I've encountered have had the genuine kindness and character of Smitty. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop on this story. Either a family member made a really dumb mistake or Alabama is having to play this thing extra conservative because of past crimes. I do not think Andre Smith would jeopardize his legacy for a few early dollars... but I do know my family tree has a few nuts in it and I bet his does too. Here's the rub, when you pull up a weed... the roots come from everywhere and go back a long way. We'll see soon where these roots take us.
ALSO: Patrick Nix was fired Monday at Miami. The college football world will see Nix as a bust as an offensive coordinator at Georgia Tech and Miami. The numbers don't lie. What numbers don't show is the circumstances that surround programs and offensive units. Quarterback issues were inherited and never solved on either campus. I think Nix is a good football coach and Auburn would be smart to have him as a position coach on this staff. After all, he now has two stops in big time college football where he has gained great experience at trying to score points with shaky QB play.
FINAL SHOT: Sen'Derrick Marks is leaving Auburn for the NFL. I expect Antonio Coleman to join him off that Auburn defense on January 3rd in a news conference at Williamson High School in Mobile. I also think Glenn Coffee will take a long hard look at leaving as well.

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