Monday, January 26, 2009


Here are a list of the BIG BOARD ITEMS at the Dunaway Super Bowl Party this year... all party goers must put a token on each prop bet... all in fun

  1. Last Song Springsteen sings at halftime
  2. What color will liquid be poured on winning coach
  3. Length of National Anthem
  4. Larry Fitz receiving yards
  5. How many times NBC shows Bill Bidwell (Cards Owner)
  6. How many times NBC shows Kurt Warner's wife
  7. Promos for NBC Prime Time Shows
  8. How many passing yards for Big Ben
  9. Who will be game MVP
  10. How many times announcers talk about any Manning
  11. The yards rushing difference between James and Parker
  12. Sponsor of 1st commercial after game kicks off
  13. How long will the first touchdown be
  14. The longest field goal yardage
  15. First coaches challenge by who and over turned or not
  16. Number of blimp shots
  17. Number of Roger Goodell shots 
  18. Cutaways of troops watching around the world
  19. Number of sacks in the game
  20. Winner and combine point total of the two teams
All bets are from the moment the game kicks off and ends once the clock hits zero unless it is a special category like national anthem, liquid color etc.

Price is right rules... closest without going over

ties move to the next category (for example if you tie on #16, it carries over to #17) If there is a tie on #20, it rotates back to the top of the board with #1 and moves forward from there

Have a good time

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