Saturday, January 3, 2009


When Utah Coach Kyle Whittingham joined us on The Dunaway and Brown Show, I told him The Mountain West Conference deserved an automatic bid to the BCS Bowls each year. I've changed my mind.

I now think nobody should get automatic bids. The top BCS ranked teams should be in the big bowls every year. Utah no doubt belongs. I will even say that the Utes should get real consideration for a Split National Championship this year.

The last time Utah went unbeaten and won the BCS Bowl, they had to play a very average Pitt team. Pitt didn't belong in the game and Utah got very few prestige points for the win. Dominating Alabama will do a lot for Utah and should also help TCU, BYU, Boise State, Fresno State and other teams like them.

What I've learned is that on any given night, these teams can not only win, but they can dominate. No excuses. Andre Smith or not, the Sugar Bowl would have been a fight for Alabama and one they would have most likely lost even with the All-American tackle.

I still think that a weekly run through a conference like the SEC can take it's toll on a team over a 13 week grind, but I'm ready to start respecting the opponent a little more. Let's start putting the highest ranked BCS teams in the BCS Bowls and include Utah, Boise and whoever wins their way into the top spots. If that means sending a Big East Conference Champ to the Gator Bowl, so be it. Speaking of the Big East, which football conference seems more impressive lately.

I'll take the Mountain West.

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