Friday, June 26, 2009


Notice the yellow bracelet on Yankees ManagerJoe Girardi's left wrist. It was given to him by Oak Mountain High School student Mark Newton.

I've known Mark for about 6 months. He is battling cancer. He got a clean bill of health about a month ago, but the 11th grader and his family still want to help and encourage other young people who are fighting for their lives.

Mark's a big Yankees fan and went to the last two games in Atlanta. Thursday night, Braves GM Frank Wren brought the Newton's down to meet some of the Braves and Brian McCann spent a lot of time with Mark. The Yankees took the field and Derek Jeter talked with Mark about his sister who had Hodgkins just like Mark. Jeter started taking batting practice, and Girardi stepped down off the viewing step from behind the cage and talked with Mark. Then he let them watch batting practice from the step. After Jeter finished with his cage session, he tossed Mark his bat (awesome) Then Girardi got one of Mark's "Mighty Warriors of Prayer" yellow bracelets (Brown and I and many others are wearing them). The Yankees skipper wore it during the game and will keep it in a box of others he has received. He takes them to every game.

Great story.

As you see, Girardi is wearing it and praying for Mark and other children who are fighting the disease.

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Southern Cheesehead said...

I SOOOOO love this story! Thanks for sharing!