Friday, February 13, 2009


Fresh off two secondary violations, Lane Kiffin seems to have done it again. Today (Friday) on Knoxville radio station WNML with host Dave Hooker, the Vols coach made a comment about prospect Bryce Brown. Kiffin was commenting about the momentum in recruiting, when one great recruit picks Tennessee, that opens the door for more and more top prospects to pick UT. Here's the quote that should have the UT compliance office talking with the SEC folks here in Birmingham, Kiffin says, "Great players like Bryce Brown are going to announce"...

This is Recruiting 101, easy stuff, you never mention a recruit. NCAA rules do allow you to say that you are recruiting an athlete, and you can use his name, but the violation comes when you make even a one word comment on his this case the phrase "Great player like Bryce Brown".

There should be no penalty, and Tennessee will be able to keep recruiting Brown (who was scheduled to visit Knoxville today) However, a large number of secondary violations does become a problem if they continue to stack up.

Coach Kiffin continues to stub his toe, and 11 SEC fan bases seem eager to pile on.

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