Saturday, January 2, 2010


How about playing the game in Tuscaloosa. Let the teams stay in Birmingham, enjoy Birmingham, but on the day before the game, do a walk-thru at Bryant-Denny and a trip to the Bryant Museum. Then play the game at Bryant-Denny Stadium. No concession problems. Top quality locker rooms, scoreboards, etc.

This bowl is growing and deserves a better facility and Birmingham is a long way from building it.

Move it to Tuscaloosa before we lose the game. It can always come back to Birmingham if the city ever builds that dome- Jim Dunaway


Joe From Smokerise said...

But then we wouldn't be able to put BIRMINGHAM in giant letters in the endzone. Are we the only bowl in the country to put the city's name in gigantic letters in the endzone? Our city really needs a hug and for someone to tell us how awesome we are. Also, it was quite a coup to hire Charlie Brown's teacher for the PA announcements. One last question, Did we have to return the video board back to radio shack after the game? Thanks - Joe from SmokeRise

Bo said...

Jim - Aren't you being hypocritical? You have NEVER criticized legion Field when Gene Hallman promoted events at Legion Field like soccer and The Magic City Classic on your show?

Haven't you regularly promoted the "revitalization" of Bham? there would be NO benefit to Bham for a game in Tuscaloosa. No ONE would stay in Bham for a game in Tuscaloosa.

And ... don;t you know that the real draw for teams to play in the PJ Bowl is a visit to the upbeat, fun, chearful Civil Rights Museum. Man, the kids love it!

And ... what makes you think that any college football player in the 21st Century care about the PWB Museum? most of them don't know anything about Bear. They know Joe Pa and Bobby Bowden but they don't know PWB. Most people in other states are not Bamars.

And ... if you don't like Legion Field or Bham what do you like about the PJ Bowl?