Wednesday, August 12, 2009


THANK YOU for being a loyal listener of Dunaway and Brown. I wanted to give you a heads up on a major change that we will announce on the air today.

We are moving to the 10:00am-2:00pm time slot but we are staying on AM 690.

Ryan and I were told about the move Tuesday.

I know a lot of listeners expected us to move into The Roundtable time slot, but that was never a good move for the company.

Our take on this is simple:

1.We are happy to be able to continue to do a show that we are proud of; The content, the tone, the moral foundation is all something we are committed to keeping.

2.The station will make a few other changes that will surround us with better programming.

3. Like a player on a team, we are employees and have to trust the men and women who make the play calls that they are doing what is best for the team to win.

Ryan and I are excited that we can continue to do a show together. We feel this is just another step to our long term goals and we plan on being together doing The Dunaway and Brown Show for the next 25 years (Jim reaches retirement age after 2034 football season)

Thank you for your support and great sports conversation over the last five years and I hope you will move with us every time it happens over the next quarter century.

God Bless,

Jim Dunaway


Dave said...

At least there will be no more Winter fade. I always hated the late afternoon fuzz out.

K said...

To whom at the station can I contact to voice my complaint over such a rediculous move?

Anthony said...

This move is terrible. I always look forward to listening to you guys on the drive home. It is much better than the FM dial. Perhaps that is shy this move is being made. Is the FM slot feeling threatened by your show? I really hope that you guys eventually wind up with the afternoon show so that I can listen on the way home from work.

Good Luck to each of you!

Tim from Helena said...

Hey guys. I hate the decision and think they are making a poor decision. You guys offer a welcome break from F-baum and the crazies.

The good news is, I will be glad to be able to listen to you guys from 10-2. I hate the roundtable and their content like "trash on the table" it makes my skin crawl.

I hope you guys eventually get rewarded for towing the company line and for doing things the right way. Whether it's with this company or somewhere else.



Bite the Wax Tadpole said...

Bad idea. Listened to you on the way home from work. Nice while it lasted

Rusty said...

Great people. Gear show. Great content. Too bad I will never hear it again. Drive time is the best slot and should be on FM.

Southern Cheesehead said...

I've already voiced my complaints to the powers that be from an advertiser's point of view. What more can I say that I haven't said already? You guys are great...big fan as well as advertiser and always talk sports in an entertaining, classy and professional way!

ICURIS said...

i hate the move. your core listening audience won't hear you anymore (including me).

i'd rather hear you on a even worse AM signal on another station if it meant you were there for the drive home.

let the "D&B Army" know how we can help you two out. you deserve it.

rick from Hoover

Steve said...

What will happen to the Jim Rome Show? I like the local guys, but talking Alabama football 24/7/365 all day long is too much. Jim Rome was always a good balance. Finebaum...once was very good but now has clearly "jumped the shark". Local radio at the moment is not what it used to be:-(

Steve said...

I think the fact this show has only 9 comments at this moment is telling! No one really cares when or if you are on the air. clearly the red headed stepchild of this company. I just want the Jim Rome show back and not another local radio show talking Saban 24/7/365. FYI...all your listeners were not born and raised in Alabama. We have a small interest in other things like other SEC teams, NFL, NHL, Braves, etc.

K said...


Contact Program Director Ryan Haney at the following numbers: 205-945-4646 (Business Office) 741-1005 or 877-569-1005 (Studio)

Contact can also be made by going to and filling out the contact form. Make sure put Ryan Haney in the "To" line.

Don't let the best show on Birmingham radio get demoted to another time slot! Don't let D and B get replaced by Finebaum (why does he need to be on fm AND am!)


thebernreuter said...
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thebernreuter said...
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Brian Branam said...

I love the show, I don't care for the new time slot. It is almost impossible for me to catch the show in the middle of the day.

I know it is all business, but Finebaum does not hold a candle to your show. He is way to brash and intentionally controversial for me. His show is about stirring the pot, not sports.

Roundtable = smut, trash.

I will listen when I can and hope to see you move to the early morning or later in the afternoon.

Gal. 2:20

Anonymous said...

I don't know if either D or B will see this but, It has been since August that Jim, you have posted to your blog. Ryan, near a year. There are those of us who can't listen who still value your insight Jim and since we can't listen now ( I personally listen to a talk show on line now), we would love to get even a bi-monthly post. Other wise, why have the blog?